Finding a House on Wheels

Trailer Order

Based on all the options from the previous week, the team got the order process started for a 28' x 8.5' drop-deck trailer. We even opted for the trailer to be "Victory Red", which is close to the Santa Clara color and hopefully implying a successful Tiny House Competition. 

Bamboo and Steel Studs

We met with Dr. Aschheim about the possibility of using the thin gauge steel and bamboo combination as structural members. As of this time, there would be a lot of work involved in making it a true option for our use. Performance criteria would have to be established, tested against and met, with the whole process being overseen and approved by a structural engineer. We are still deciding if using these members would provide us with any immense benefits other than the "cool" factor of new materials and the continuation of the Santa Clara tradition of incorporating structural bamboo. 


A good amount of work has been done in regards to the story and end use of the house. We have looked into several options that all try to maintain a semblance of legality, which as we have found it, is very difficult to do. Some options considered are as a secondary residence on a large enough lot, to be combined with other tiny houses to form a community in a multiple-family zoned area and as something that can be used by organizations that provide temporary transitional housing to individuals.