Summer Work Off to a Hot Start

Trailer Options

We were able to find a company in Southern California that creates custom built tiny house trailers to desired specifications. We asked for and received a quote for a 28' x 8.5' trailer with a drop-deck (which gives us 4 extra inches of vertical space) and an elongated tongue which would make the trailer more maneuverable during transit. This ended up being a very economical option and we will likely move forward with the order next week.


We began making spreadsheets comparing different appliances. These will help us with budgeting, size comparisons, floor plan, weight distribution and house layout. All of these options, including links to the potential purchase pages, can be seen in the Design folder in the Drive.

Solidworks Modeling and Floor Plan

Solidworks models of the bed/bookshelf/table configuration were made in order to help visualize the mechanics and how to best integrate it into the space we have available. Tape and string models of different floor plan orientations were used to help maximize space. 

Updated Logo

Micah was able to incorporate the suggestions that Heidi Williams made in regards to the logo and has uploaded it to the Finished Logos folder within Marketing/Communications. If you have a minute, take a look at it and provide any feedback you have. I think we are getting close to what we want there.