Operation Freedom Paws

Building Site Approved

Following several emails with Jeff Charles and Chris Shay, our friends at facilities and university operations, we have been approved to use the construction site between Santa Clara's 3 story engineering building and parking structure. We will need to finalize some details before we commence, however we are excited as this is a big step in the right direction.

Story Update

We have been put in contact with a potential end user of our tiny house. In San Martin, CA there is an organization called Operation Freedom Paws that teaches disabled veterans how to train their own service dogs to help reestablish independence. As it is, the organization relies on their clients to either commute (some from as far away as Southern California) or to receive temporary housing at a nearby hotel that offers rooms to the organization at a discounted rate. By providing them with a tiny house, we can lower their operating cost and give them a new place in which to expand their training. We hope to discuss possibilities further and hopefully meet the Freedom Paws team within the coming weeks.