The Story Continues with Interior Design

Interior Design and Renderings

The team has put together several ideas of what the interior of the house may look like and have even been able to make some computer renderings of a potential finished product. We were even able to create a video walk-through of the house using Revit. To see another rendering, look here. We received a general concept for the interior and will begin to incorporate those ideas and input in future iterations.

Story Continued

We were able to find a Tiny House community in Central California with lots available for rent. At this point, it seems to all be legitimate which is a huge step in the right direction for us. We are also pursuing other options and we are consulting with experts to try and figure out what is viable. 

Building Codes

Since Tiny House's have so few regulations and no real overarching governing body, we have taken it upon ourselves to delve into the thrilling world of RV and mobile home manufacturing codes. Although we will not likely follow these rules to the letter, it will give us a great starting point and reference to keep us on target.