SMUD Rule updates & Social Media


SMUD has provided us with an updated draft of rules and guidelines for the competition. Included in these are more detailed breakdowns of the competition judgement categories and goals as well as some maximum and minimum design requirement explanations. 

Website and Social Media

A good portion of the week was spent setting up a workable website through Squarespace. 
In addition to the website, we have made a push in the realm of social media. We have begun posting regularly on our Facebook Page (Santa Clara Tiny House) and Instagram (@scutinyhouse) to try generate interest and interaction. Please feel free to follow our team's journey via the links at the bottom of the page. 

Building and Appliance Optimization

Through our numerous hours of research, we have found many potential options for each of the major appliances as well as building materials and window types, sizes and placement. Using  excel spreadsheets and Building Energy Optimization software (BEOPT) from the Department of Energy, we have begun running simulations to try to see what combinations will work well for our scenario.