The Revit Life

Hello - I'm Anna Harris, the current civil team lead for SCU's rEvolve house. For the past week, the civil team has been hard at work making a model of the Tiny House. No one on the team had ever used Revit before last week but we were all excited to learn. After hours of searching the web for how to videos, we were able to create a working model of the house. Some architectural aspects of the model will need to be altered as we finalize the "look" of the house, but the overall blueprint will remain the same. We are currently working on setting up a time for one of our Civil professors who has experience with Revit to give us a brief lesson on any Revit details and shortcuts we may be unaware of. That way we can save time when editing and make our model more aesthetically pleasing.

I originally joined the Tiny House team because I have always loved working on projects that are direct applications of what I am learning in the classroom. I tend to remember and understand concepts much better when I can connect them to their real-world uses. Working on the rEvolve house has been amazing because I have found cross-over between what we are working on and almost every civil class I have taken at Santa Clara in addition to learning much more than could be covered in a 10 week class.

In addition to the engineering aspect, working on the rEvolve house has allowed me to work with many students I would not have otherwise met and get to know my professors better during the many times I go to their offices to ask them tiny house-related questions. I am looking forward to the construction phase when we will be able to see the house we have been imagining come to life!