Let's Get Coastal

Hi tiny house lovers!  My name is Samantha Morehead.  Originally, I began work on the rEvolve House as a member of the electrical team.  As our project evolved, everyone decided that we were in need of a team to be in charge of the aesthetic aspects of the house.  I showed some interest in this area, so I stepped up as the team leader for the new architecture team.  I could not be more pleased with my current role!  I was drawn to the rEvolve house project because I had become very intrigued by the tiny house movement going on.  Over the summer, I spent hours watching all of the various television shows about tiny houses that seem to be popping up all over the place.  I even went to a Tiny House convention an hour and a half away from my house to check out some tiny homes in real life.  I was beyond excited when I come back to Santa Clara University in September only to find out that our school was building a completely self-sufficient tiny house.  So far, the tiny house mania that I have developed has served me well as architecture team leader.

The most recent decision that my team and I have made is selecting a theme for the interior of the house.  There were a lot of opinions and ideas of what the inside would actually look like, so it was important to create one coherent vision that the entire rEvolve house team could use as we moved forward with designs.  The theme that we decided on is what I like to call costal contemporary.  The most important trait of this design style is create openness.  We plan to achieve this using white walls with a wood ceiling to draw the eye upwards.  We also want to use darker wood for the cabinets and bed in order to create a contrast with the white walls.   Soft blues and greens are the main colors used in this design.  We will include color in the back slash in the kitchen and also decorative pieces like the pillows and bedding.  I think that including some plant life using terrariums might be a nice way to include some natural greens.  I cannot wait to see our ideas come to life once it is time to start decorating.  Updates to come!!!