Tiny House Tetris

Hi all - I'm Don Bollard. I'm a member of the mechanical team for the oh so wonderful rEvolve House. This week our team faces some tough design challenges that are crucial to the overall functionality of the house: the layout and integration of the house's plumbing system, finalizing the design of the bathroom, and determining the layout of the house's new mechanical room. 

The mechanical room is something that was just recently added to the house, and something that will give us additional storage space that is much needed for housing the house's water tanks and pumps. We decided to raise up the bedroom by about a foot and four inches, which magically gives us almost 100 cubic feet of extra space! So much room for activities and fun equipment! So, I found 3 polyethylene water storage tanks - with small height dimensions so that they will fit inside of the mechanical room - which will serve as our hot, cold, and grey water tanks. Mike Heffernan, another fantastic member of the mechanical team, picked out a sweet pump with an attached pressure tank, which will be able to easily provide the house with good water flow at a consistent pressure. He sized the pump so that it will fit into our mechanical room with ease.

My next step is to play the rEvolve House version of Tetris to see how the pump and our three new water storage tanks can fit comfortable in the mechanical room, in a way that makes it easy for the plumbing to be connected and ran to different parts of the house. Ideally we would like to use the least amount of piping possible, while at the same time refraining from having any bends in the pipe just beyond the exit of the pump so that we maintain a laminar flow. Wish me luck!