Batteries Not Included

Hello, it’s me. Martin Prado, a member of the most prestigious electrical engineering team around these here parts in California. Working on SCU’s rEvolve House is no easy task, but luckily as electrical engineers, we like to think that we know more than we actually do! Unfortunately, we are mistaken. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn something about our electrical system and how everything will come together to make the best Tiny House we can envision!


One of the most crucial and honestly most exciting elements of the energy system are the batteries. Hoping to store enough energy for up to 2 days of energy use during nights and cloudy days, we have gathered information and debated for months over what batteries we should use, keeping in mind the sustainability principles that we are promoting. Initial hopes were set high on us using the Tesla Powerwall, an affordable and more sustainable option than your regular lead acid battery (also how awesome would it be if we put a Tesla Powerwall in our tiny house). However, in an exciting turn of events, our hopes, dreams and aspirations for battery storage have all been met in the form of a salt water battery! Less expensive than the powerwall and even more sustainable, these batteries hope to elevate us to new sustainable standards where the only limit is the capacity of our minds. With a decision on batteries to be made soon we couldn’t be more excited.

Things like salt water batteries are what drew me to the tiny house. How cool is it to say that I’m working on building a house that is completely self-sufficient and incredibly sustainable!?!? This is what school is about. Finding a project or passion that excites you every time you talk about it. I could talk for hours about this house and what it means to the team and to the world of sustainability. Our world is in dire need of sustainable solutions and this is a step in the right direction. Not to mention an off-grid house is the perfect solution to any post-apocalyptic scenario that we might find ourselves in one day.