The Mech Room

Hey, this is Jonathan Borst, a Mech Team member from Santa Clara University's rEvolve Tiny House. Our team has been working arduously this past week to finalize critical functioning elements of our house. Don Bollard and Marcus Grassi have finalized the layout of our AWESOME mechanical room, an additional storage space for water tanks and pumps underneath our house. We are still working on insulating our tanks, and ensuring that we do not have any thermal related issues within our plumbing system. Finally, we are working on integrating our plumbing into aesthetic parts of our house, wrapping up our design of the bathroom, adding a built in vacuum into the house, and creating a layout for the new exterior power box. The house is really starting to feel like it is coming together!

After Nico Metais and the Electrical Team determined the equipment needed to power our house, the Mech Team realized that we needed more room to store the equipment. The exterior power box was a decision to create more space within our house by placing our power equipment in a detachable, weather resistant box on the side of the house. Since it is detachable, the power box could be easily removed during transportation of the house, and reattached on location. Creating this power box will be a design challenge in itself. The box must hold our three AHI battery stacks, a charge controller, our AC and DC power distribution panels, a control panel, and a communications box. The wiring and controllers will need to be organized and easily accessible, it will need air circulation, and it needs to be strong enough to hold the massive weight of the batteries and controllers.

After creating a sketch of the power box in AutoCAD 360, I feel that I am close to finalizing the layout of the box. In addition, I am thinking about how we can best run wires inside of it. The next step will be to make decisions on materials and to work with my team to create the structure of the box and do calculations to ensure that the power box can safely hold all of its components. As a first year student, I still lack a lot of experiential knowledge. I am seeking guidance from upperclassman teammates and learning a lot as I go. Working with Tiny House Team has been an invaluable experience for me and I ecstatic to see Santa Clara’s rEvolve House competed this summer. Until next time!