Shedding Winter Weight

Our Tiny House may be small, but it’s got a bit of a weight problem. Our trailer is rated for 14,000 pounds; however, that is not including the weight of the trailer itself. This means that we can only add about 9,000 pounds to the current trailer if we still want to be able to transport it without our axles falling off (which we do). As a team, we have been working on reducing our weight wherever possible by finding light-weight siding and transporting the house without the batteries and bed.


One of the weights of the trailer that will (hopefully) stay on the trailer during transportation is the added steel. In order to secure our walls to the trailer, bolts were needed to be placed in specific locations around the edge of the trailer. In addition to the bolts, two receivers were welded to the back of the trailer to attach the house’s mech box. This box will hold our salt water batteries and will be detachable so that the weight of the batteries do not have to be included in our 9,000 pound transportation limit.

Two weeks ago, Father Reites and I went to SOS Steel to talk about what additions needed to be welded onto the trailer and where to weld them. Every trip I took with Father Reites was its own little adventure. This trip was full of him stealing stickers, debating with me about what lumber to use for our mudsill, and refusing to let me carry the trailer hitch which was way too heavy for one 78 year old man to be carrying by himself. He was one of the hardest working people I have ever met and he motivated me to work harder because I knew he was going to check and question all of my work. I know I speak for our whole team when I say we will miss his stubbornness and complete dedication to the project and its team members.