Wet Bathroom

Hi! My name is Matt LoGrasso and I am a member of the mechanical team for the rEvolve House. As a freshman who is still learning a lot about applying my engineering skills to real-life applications, I am specifically working on the wet bathroom design of the house. 

Beginning the project, my team and I were given dimensions for the wet bathroom from the architecture team. Originally, the dimensions made a rectangular prism that was 3.75'x7'11"x8'. This made things quite difficult because if you think about it, that space is very small for multiple bathroom appliances such as a shower, toilet, sink, cabinets, etc. On top of that, a war veteran and his dog will be using the wet bathroom to shower at the same time, which constricts space even more! This past week however, the architecture team realized that the wet bathroom would need more space, so they made half of the bathroom's width about a foot or two larger. This allowed us to make the area for the shower much larger.

Arguably the most difficult part of designing the wet bathroom was the flooring. Since we knew that we would have to slope the floor in multiple directions toward a drain, we decided that we would have to create a custom waterproof floor out of fiberglass and epoxy resin. In order to make the floor completely waterproof, this custom shower pan would span the whole area of the floor as well as six inches up every wall.

As of right now, my team and I are working on deciding which wall panels would be the best for waterproofing as well as for aesthetic purposes. We are currently looking at Merlite FRP wall panels that would run all the way up the walls and a couple inches over the custom fiberglass shower pan. There is still debate over whether or not we will need to put waterproof panels behind the Merlite panels to ensure water does not seep through. 

My team and I cannot wait to get every aspect of the wet bathroom finalized in the next couple of weeks and to finally see it created in real life!