One of a Kind Bathroom

Hi, I’m Brianna and I am on the mechanical engineering team for the rEvolve House. My specific job is the wet bathroom design, a task that has proven to be quite challenging. Irrefutably the hardest part was finding light-weight materials for a bathroom—no tile, marble or any other common bathroom walling. For months we have gone back and forth on design—from vinyl sheets, to bamboo, to a full fiberglass shell, to our current design. Finally, we were able to get an accurate finalized look of the bathroom.

After having made multiple trips to Home Depot, and doing extensive research online, our wet bathroom team finally decided on a design. For those who are unfamiliar, a “wet” bathroom is a normal bathroom—except that there is no shower pan. The whole floor is designed to get wet, resulting in no difference in flooring throughout the whole bathroom. After much deliberation on costs-benefit analysis, we have come to decide on a customized fiberglass pan that will rise up shortly on the wall. For the walling, we will use waterproof paneling that will go over the lip of the fiberglass pan. The aesthetics of the bathroom we are looking into are glass corner shelves and a mirror.  The biggest challenge in designing was choosing a design that college students can build. Sloping can become quite complicated with a circular drain, so we had initially decided to do a tough drain. However, we realized quickly that this drain would run into the joists underneath the house. This made us reconsider our decision, and we came to agreement on a circular drain, in light that we have a friend that can assist in the sloping of the bathroom. Overall, the bathroom should be a solid shell for the flooring, with lighter colored wall panels.

Today, one of the team leaders announces to us that they are changing the dimensions of the bathroom. These next two weeks, we will be revisiting our calculations to account for this change. It may be a bit hard, since the room isn’t perfectly rectangular anymore, yet we will make sure to get the job done right!