Cookies and Fundraising

Hi, my name is Elena Fromer and I am a member of the small but awesome fundraising team! I have been lucky enough to be a part of planning and putting on fun events for our team, their families, and other Santa Clara University students to get involved with and help contribute to our project.

One of our latest events and most successful events was our fundraiser at a local bar called the Hut. The hut is a very popular and right next to campus so we were able to sell wristbands so that students could get discounts for the Friday night. Tons of people came and bought wristbands and we surpassed our expectations and goals for the night. I was able to contact the company NOX Cookie Bar and their owner kindly donated cookies all night for those who bought wristbands and were hungry! It was a super fun night and we are very excited to plan another event just like it in the fall.

Another project I am currently working on is a Booster fundraiser for SCU Tiny house apparel. I was able to create an online store so that our team’s family members and friends could purchase cool clothes with our logo on them. Right now, we are selling t-shirts and have already sold 16! Although this is a small fundraiser, it is exciting to raise anything that we can for the house. I’m looking forward to see how much we can sell by the end of spring quarter!

For the summer I will also be involved with our Tiny House fundraising gala here on campus. There is a lot planning to be done, and I am excited to see the event come together. Emma and I already have so many ideas for the food, theme, and activities for the night. I can’t wait to reach our goal and support the creation of our fantastic house!