According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), more than two million people have opted to install solar panels for their homes and workplaces. This is a major milestone and one that is expected to double over the next decade.

Suffice it to say, if you are one of the lucky ones who has embraced solar energy, it sure can feel liberating and exciting to know you are no longer dependent on “the grid” for all your power needs.

But then along come the pigeons. Where you see energy freedom, they see a cozy nest site and shelter from the elements. Where you were longing for quiet and clean, the pigeons bring noise and poop. What can you do? Read on to learn five quick and effective Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing fixes!

1. Install bird mesh.

Bird mesh is an effective and well-known method for repelling birds without cutting off ventilation or sunlight to your solar panels (which would kind of defeat the point!).

Bird mesh is the higher-end option. Bird nets are a similar but more economical option.

2. Put up bird spikes.

Bird spikes might not make for the best curb appeal, but they sure can do wonders to keep the pigeons away.

The goal here is simply to make those cozy alcoves under your solar panels suitably uncomfortable for the pigeons so they choose someone else’s alcoves to nest under instead of yours.

3. Mount predator guards.

If you have ever looked at a billboard or gas station sign with what looks like a permanent owl or hawk standing guard, you know what predator guards look like.

They stay there 24/7 because they are fake. But the pigeons and other messy city birds don’t know that – and that is where these fake “predators” can be affordable and effective.

Unfortunately, pigeons are smart and over time they may discover that the scary bird of prey never tries to harm them. For this reason, a better (and more modern) alternative is a stationary fake predator with a head that swivels or bombs.

4. Create a bird-unfriendly clean space.

Pigeons, like many opportunistic urban species, tend to be attracted to mess and clutter. Reason being, there may be food or nesting material they can repurpose to their needs.

The cleaner you keep your solar panels and surrounding areas, the less attractive the pigeons are likely to find it.

5. Install a solar panel bird guard.

A solar panel bird guard is your best bet when it comes to solar panel pigeon proofing barrier specifically designed for use with solar panels.

These affordable, effective, permanent bird guards will make short work of protecting your valuable investment and sending the pigeons away to roost, coo, nest and poop elsewhere.

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