No matter where you live, your home’s heating and cooling system is crucial to your indoor comfort all year round, so when your HVAC system is malfunctioning, it can cause serious issues throughout your entire property. 

It can even be dangerous from a health standpoint when a furnace isn’t working during the winter, or vice versa with air conditioner issues during the summer. The best way for homeowners to avoid these types of problems is to invest in seasonal maintenance appointments with their HVAC team, because routine checkups can often help you catch lingering issues before they turn into full-on repairs. 

Below we’ll be going over some of the most common heating and cooling repairs that seasonal maintenance appointments help avoid! 

Issues With Air Filters 

Air filters are incredibly important for your home’s heating and cooling system, because these filters essentially control the air resistance and airflow throughout your entire property. Air filters are meant to remove any debris, dirt or dust that comes into your system, which then often accumulates within your HVAC unit. 

So as is easy to imagine, air filters become increasingly dirty with time. If left neglected for too long, air filters can end up clogging, which can then result in all sorts of system inefficiencies and unnecessary wear and tear. 

So it’s crucial to regularly change out your system’s air filters to avoid all sorts of HVAC repairs! 

Thermostat Malfunctions 

A lot of heating and cooling repairs actually derive from within the HVAC unit itself, and this is particularly the case when it comes to thermostat malfunctions. The good news is that this type of HVAC repair is easy to catch, because you’ll likely recognize when your system isn’t keeping up with your established thermostat settings. 

A lot of thermostat malfunctions are oriented around incorrect signals being sent to the HVAC system, so an experienced technician can recalibrate these settings and advise you on whether or not a thermostat replacement is right for you. 

What’s great about today’s HVAC industry is that you can now upgrade to smart thermostats, which are programmable and capable of being paired up with your smartphone and other digital devices. A smart thermostat can even sync up your entire home by using sensors to calculate humidity levels, and then conduct its own proper adjustments to increase your property’s overall energy efficiency! 

Tripped Breakers & Blown Fuses 

Another very common heating and cooling repair is connected to tripped breakers and/or blown fuses. Furnaces will often trip when a circuit breaker starts working much too hard, and this type of inefficiency issue is often connected to airflow blockages. 

Although these airflow blockages could be the result of a clogged air filter, it’s also possible that more serious electrical issues are occurring. This is why you’ll always need an expert HVAC technician to check out these types of problems, because they’ll be able to diagnose your problem and advise you towards a quick and affordable solution. 

HVAC Wear & Tear 

Even if you keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape, you’re inevitably going to experience some significant wear and tear from a mechanical standpoint. This is another major reason why seasonal maintenance appointments are so important for your home’s system, because extending your HVAC unit’s lifetime largely requires recognizing these repairs before they get too serious. 

You can even extend your system’s longevity by 10+ years when you get regular maintenance checkups, so it really is a no-brainer type of home improvement investment! 

Dirty Evaporator Coils or Condenser 

A lot of unmaintained HVAC systems will end up accumulating all sorts of debris within the inner workings of the unit, and these types of obstructions can end up clogging the condenser or evaporator coils. When this occurs, you can count on the system functioning much less efficiently. 

This is why it’s so important to have your unit’s evaporator coils professionally cleaned at least once each year. 

Constantly Running Blower Motor 

When your unit’s blower motor won’t turn off and continues to run, it may mean that the system has been put in the FAN setting. 

But it also could mean that the unit’s fan relay has become stuck, so if your unit isn’t in FAN but the blower still runs consistently, you’re going to need professional support to fix the issue. 

Contact The Beehive Heating & Air Team To Learn More About Heating And Cooling Repairs!

There are a lot of reasons why homeowners experience heating and cooling repairs with their HVAC systems, and HVAC repairs are never DIY projects. 

If you’re still curious about what exactly is going on with your home’s HVAC system, reach out to the industry specialists at Beehive Heating & Air via the hyperlink at the beginning of this article! 

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