Not all apartments are made the same. For example, some condo flats come with an oddly shaped floor plan and some come with an irregular cut. Decorating these spaces, with their quirky features, can be a bit tricky.

The thing with irregular spaces is it doesn’t always work with ready-made furniture; finding the right ready-made furniture can be quite a challenge and in some cases, impossible to do. As a result, many beautiful spaces end up looking lackluster or worse, less-expensive looking than they actually are.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these spaces and create an arrangement that is visually appealing and makes the space look grand. Here’s what you can do:


Customize Your Furniture

Condo apartments usually come with an open floor plan and some in irregular cuts. This makes picking furniture a chore and ready-made ones aren’t always an option for these types of floor plans and apartment cuts. This is especially true when it comes to designing the living area. 

Despite the living room design challenge, it’s still possible to make it work with the furniture style and arrangement that you have in mind. For oddly shaped spaces — whether it’s a tiny or a wide-open living room — the best way to tackle the awkward space is by customizing the living room furniture.

Customized furniture fills the room just right, creating a harmonious flow in the space. It also works fantastic for living rooms with angled walls or unique features. Customizing furniture allows you to match the space with edgy and cool furniture styling that will surely bring out the best features of the space.


Fill Space with a Piece of Art

Whether it’s a negative wall space or an empty floor space, you can remove the awkwardness with the installation of an art piece. Using art is an elegant way to fill an empty space, to add interest and balance to the room.

Not every wall needs to have something on it, though. Too much stuff on the walls can feel cluttered, disorganized, and lacking intent; the purpose of art is to fill a space without crowding it. 

To effectively fill a space, hang a piece of art on the wall 55-60 inches off the floor and make sure it doesn’t dwarf any nearby furniture. Just the same, be careful not to pick an art piece that is too small for the rest of the space and the furniture near it. 

Aside from paintings, a mirror with a beautiful frame and the right size will do the trick, too. The key is to hang it at the right height and the dimensions should be compatible with the rest of the furniture in the area. 

Dead spaces can also affect the flow from one room to the next, especially for open floor plan layouts. Filling corners with tall plants, lamps, or shelves are a good way to remedy the problem. 


Define Spaces Without Using Walls

Two of the most effective ways to define different areas in an open floor plan, as well as in a small space, is by using area rugs and tall shelves. Area rugs define a space effectively and add a touch of elegance and warmth to the space. On the other hand, shelves are very practical pieces of furniture as they function as a divider and a place that can hold your living room decor and small accent pieces. 

For a minimalist approach, curtains can be used to divide the space. Curtains can effectively separate spaces without making it crowded.  It also allows more flexibility, when it comes to the use of space; you can open them if you need additional space and close them when you need some privacy.

If you prefer to use colors to define spaces in your home, painting a wall with an accent color is a great way to do so. It creates a visual boundary, effectively separating one space from another without the use of any extra furniture or dividers. 


To create a beautiful and comfortable space, furniture style, placement, as well as the proper size for the space must be considered. Don’t just fill your space with the first furniture you find; make sure that what you have is right for your space and compliments your home’s permanent style.

Beautiful furniture pieces come with a price, and the same can be said with customized furniture. But using the right size and type of furniture that is specifically designed to fit a certain space can make a home look elegant, luxurious, and visually appealing.

Meta title: Furniture and Decorating Hacks for Small and Wide-Open Spaces

Meta desc: Decorating homes with irregular features can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Find out what you can do to fill these spaces right without sacrificing style.

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