Water safety should not be taken for granted. It is more than just about having clean, clear water. No matter whether you are buying a new home, or are residing in one for years, water quality testing is pertinent and necessary. If you are in New Jersey, services like RAdata can help with both testing & treatment of water sources on your property. Below are some quick things to note about water quality testing.

Possible signs of water contamination

A lot of homeowners don’t think of water quality testing, unless there is a major concern at hand. Ideally, it is imperative to get water resources tested for contamination once every two years, regardless of any other factors. There are some tell-all signs of water contamination that shouldn’t be ignored, such as:

  • Change in color or odor
  • Sudden proneness to gastrointestinal problems without other possible causes
  • Change in taste
  • Unexpected low water pressure
  • Cloudy/foamy water
  • Presence of sediments

What are the common causes of water contamination?

There are many kinds of contaminants that can impact water safety. Some of the common ones include E. coli and other bacteria, nitrates, lead, fluoride, radon, radium, and arsenic. There are also standard and more common contaminants, such as herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, parasites, viruses, and even petrochemicals. 

Call the professionals

When it comes to water quality testing, you cannot expect to do that on your own. There are professional services in NJ, which specialize in both testing and treatment of water sources. Even if your water source is isolated to an extent, there are still chances of contamination. Groundwater and well water can be prone to radon exposure, which is a serious health hazard.  Radon, which is a radioactive gas, is one of the leading causes of lung cancer deaths in the US among nonsmokers. 

How much does water quality testing cost?

If you are just getting the water supply and sources tested, the costs can be minimal. However, if there is a serious case of contamination, treatments can be expensive, depending on the cause and source of contamination. The good news is you can get an estimate in advance, both for water quality testing and treatment. Note that this kind of testing is not a one time thing. You have to get your water sources tested periodically, for the safety and health of your entire family. 

Don’t delay in calling professionals for testing and treating water sources at home!

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