Everybody wants to take it easy on the weekend, spend time with their friends and family, and generally kick back and relax. But it’s also the best time to do some routine maintenance checks. It’s not too difficult nor time-consuming, and putting in the effort to make sure that your property is not damaged will only serve to benefit you and your family.

Understandably, not everyone is financially capable of doing major repairs. But knowing what parts need fixing (and getting them fixed soon) is vital in saving money and preventing a bad experience.

The Consequences

Only bad things can come out of neglecting your home maintenance. You’ll find yourself in more trouble than it’s worth, and you’ll eventually have to address the problems. Below are some of the inevitable consequences that come with overlooking property maintenance.

  • Wear and Tear

Through the years, wear and tear will eventually set in. Things like rust, accumulation of dust, chipping of paint are all results of the passage of time. To keep your property both looking good and staying structurally strong, routine checking is necessary. Failure to do so might result in accidents or damages that could have otherwise been prevented, which leads us to the next point.

  • Preventable Damages

You will save a lot of time, effort, and money when you check consistently than waiting for something to break. A lot of the repairs needed can be prevented by simply paying attention to what needs repair. Don’t wait for expensive damage to happen; prevention is always cheaper than a cure.

  • Depreciation of Value and Experience

Neglecting to take care of your property will lead to its value being depreciated. Nobody wants to buy a heavily damaged home unless they want to spend a fortune on repairs. However, the resale value of your property isn’t the only thing that depreciates. Your living experience can also greatly decrease, as damages to your property can lead to uncomfortable or even downright unsafe living situations.

A Quick Checklist

To help you keep your home in good shape, here’s a quick checklist to help you out. A lot more needs to be inspected and checked, but this serves as a good starting point.

  • Check Your Ground for Hairline Cracks

Don’t ignore hairline cracks in your property. This can be an indication of greater damage and should be serviced by professionals immediately. You might want to look into a concrete lifting or leveling service to both maintain the aesthetics and structural integrity of your property. Especially if you live in an area where the soil is soft, or earthquakes often happen, checking around for structural damages is important.

  • Inspect Your Roof for Leaks and Damages

Your roof is one of the parts of your house that takes the most damage from the elements. It shields you from harsh sunlight, heavy rains, and other inclement weather conditions. Use binoculars to see whether there’s any visible damage to your roof, or better yet, hire a professional. The last thing anyone wants is leaks during the harsh rainy season or compromised structural integrity that results in caving in during heavy snow season.

  • Remove Lint from Dryer Vent

This one is something that can be done on your own: removing lint from your dryer vent. Simple as it may sound, cleaning out your dryer vent and making sure it’s free from lint or other flammable debris is one of the best ways to prevent a fire from happening. Lint builds up over time, requiring constant cleaning and maintenance to ensure your property (and family’s) safety.

  • Clean Out Your Gutter

Along with your roof, it’s best to check your gutter for any clogs, leaks, or even accumulated debris. Rain can easily produce water runoff, and when left unchecked, can lead to damage to structurally relevant parts of your home. You also need to clear it free from leaves, branches, and other things that may prevent the seamless passage of water.

  • Get Your HVAC Serviced

Often, we barely even notice our HVAC until it gets broken during the hottest or coldest seasons. This then results in a very inconvenient experience that nobody wants to go through. Prevent avoidable damages from happening by having your HVAC serviced on a regular schedule. It might sound costly to always hire a professional to service your HVAC, but it’s cheaper than having to buy a new one or having to repair it.

Maintenance and repairs are all part of a homeowner’s responsibility. And if you’re too busy with everything else, it’s easy to overlook or neglect them. But these things matter as they all contribute to your living experience.

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