Waterproof floor means worry-proof! If you are looking for new flooring for your home, what features are you looking to achieve? You may look for a comfortable, budget-friendly, durable, and stylish material. However, these factors are not enough to consider. The floor is the only thing that undergoes most of the wear and tears in a house. So, it needs to be of high quality and low maintenance. Currently, waterproof flooring is the best flooring option you should consider.

What Is A Waterproof Floor?

These flooring are designed with materials that are moisture resistant. Nowadays, people usually prefer installing luxury vinyl plank floors (LVP) as waterproof flooring. Vinyl floors consist of a rigid waterproof core that’s either a stone plastic composite (SPC) or wood plastic composite (WPC). Both of these types are subcategories of luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT) that is commonly known for its cost-effectiveness and durability.

Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Waterproof Flooring For Your Space

Now that you know what waterproof flooring is, we should move onto the ride to let you know how it benefits your home;

  • Reduce The Risk Of Developing Floor Damage

Moisture can come from a lot of sources such as water and spill splashes from faucets, high humidity levels during summers, pipe leakage, and steam from showers. All these factors can contribute to moisture buildup in a house.

Moisture can be dangerous for so many floors. Like, when hardwood floors are exposed to excess levels of moisture, they become warp or swell. And this will lead to their deformation.

Another downside of moisture buildup is it promotes mold and mildew growth, thereby leading to severe health issues like sneezing, coughing, watery and itchy eyes.

Thanks to waterproof flooring solutions that can resist water absorption and reduce the risk of floor swelling and warping.

  • Low-maintenance

As waterproof floors don’t soak in spills, they are very easy to clean and maintain. Soft cleaning will work well to clean off grime and dirt. Unlike other flooring options like hardwood, tile, and carpet floors, waterproof vinyl floors do not require yearly cleanings or maintenance. For deep cleaning, use a piece of non-abrasive cloth and PH-neutral vinyl floor cleaner. That’s it!

  • Extremely Durable

Waterproof floors are extremely durable and long-lasting as they require low maintenance. There will be no need of replacing these floors like other floorings. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy more than 20 years with vinyl waterproof floors.

  • Pet & kid-friendly

Waterproof floors are ideal for a house having pets and kids. With this floor, you won’t have to worry about the mess your kids create during playing. They can play without limiting themselves.

  • Easy Installation

Floating waterproof flooring is very easy to install. Older vinyl plank floors require a typical installation process but floating, on the other hand, is a budget-friendly option.

So, that’s all about how waterproof flooring can benefit your home. Consider all these factors in mind before shopping for these floors. Was this guide informative to you?

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