Choosing the most appropriate roof color for your home is a difficult decision; it can take time and research to find the perfect hue. There are many factors that contribute to choosing an optimal roof color, including cost, neighborhood aesthetics, climate considerations, building materials used on the exterior of your house, and more. Choosing a roof color can be overwhelming because there are so many options available in today’s market. This blog post will walk you through how to choose the best roof color for your home.

What Color to Paint Your Roof?

There are many different ways to choose the best roof color for your home. (In case, you are unable to come to a conclusion, you can get in touch with Advosy, a leading Phoenix based roofing contractor.) However, how you decide on a color really depends on whether you want to maintain the original look of your house or if you’d prefer to give it a new appearance. In addition, is cost a consideration in regards to painting your roof or do you have other reasons that determine which option will be selected? If you’ve decided that painting the roof on your home is necessary and want to know what colors match well with it, then here is some information about what colors will work best with certain types of roofs.

 Colors That Work With Slate

When dreaming up ideas for slate roofs, one thing everyone must consider is durability. While slate roofs are a beautiful material for various types of homes, they are susceptible to water damage and require regular upkeep. Slate roofs can be painted using many different colors, but you should keep the slate roof’s natural appearance in mind. Here are some roof paint colors that work with slate:

A red or burnt orange would be ideal if you want to highlight the brownish-gray hue of your slate roof. An ultra-bright color like yellow is also an option when paired with a lighter shade of gray. Shades of green and blue look great on slate roofs as well, especially if you prefer a more naturalistic look. If you’re looking for something other than traditional shades, then bright colors like cerulean blue and deep purples will still complement the gray of your natural slate roof.

Colors for Roofs Made with Concrete Tile

People commonly paint the tile roofs in their homes with light-colored paint because this is an inexpensive and quick way to give a house a fresh new look. One drawback of painting tile roofs, however, is that they are prone to chipping if you do not create a protective coating after application. You may want to consider using dark colors or earth tones on your concrete roof so that it will chip less frequently while receiving exposure from the elements over time. Here are some roof colors that work well with concrete tiles:

A sage green or deep mossy green will go very well with concrete tiles, as long as you have enough space between the tiles so that your new paint color is visible. These colors are very natural, which works well for this material roof. A gray or silver hue will also work with cement tile roofs as long as the tiles themselves can be seen and there are no gaps in between them.

Roof Paint Colors That Match Slate and Tile

If you want to paint the slate or tile roof on your home without changing its original appearance, then you should choose a lighter-colored paint that complements these materials. Light blues like cerulean blue and ocean hues look great on both types of roofs. You may also want to use one of the following neutral shades: white, cream, sandstone, oatmeal or taupe if you don’t have many windows or doors located near the roof that will allow a change in color to be observed.

How to Paint Your Roof

Now you know what colors are right for your slate or tile roof, but how do you get started with painting it? The most important thing to do when painting a slate or tile roof is to make sure it’s ready for paint. Cleaning and repairing damaged areas before application is just as important as choosing a good paint color, so if you want your project to turn out well, then make sure you address these things first. Here are some tips on creating an ideal surface:

Remove any loose tiles first. As long as they aren’t broken, this step can be done by hand using a hammer and chisel.

Remove any loose or damaged tiles that may also need repair.

Recoat the surface of your slate or tile roof with any necessary sealant, primer or undercoat. This step should only be performed by a professional if you want to protect your roof from water damage and extend its lifespan.

Other Factors

Other Considerations when Painting Roofs Slate roofs are often associated with luxury and elegance, which is why many people choose to use them on their homes and places of business. If you want your home’s slate roof to look its best year-round, then making sure it’s ready for paint is crucial before application. Ceramic tiles can chip more easily than other types of roofing materials, so choosing paint colors that complement its natural appearance without being too contrasting or bright is also important. If you are planning on repainting the roof of your house, then make sure that it’s ready for paint first by cleaning and repairing any damaged areas.

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