Your house is full of many appliances that make it a comfortable place to live in. From the washing machine that ensures you have clean clothes to a refrigerator that keeps your food fresh, they make life a lot easier. However, these appliances can still break down. Proper care should ensure that they last a long time, and here are some tips to help you.


An essential appliance for the entire household is your refrigerator. It keeps your food fresh and edible. Without it, you’ll likely have to do a grocery run every day. Many people are ignorant about taking care of their refrigerator since there are often minimal problems. But they still need a bit of care if you expect them to last a long time.

Many refrigerators can last up to 20 years with proper use. For example, ensuring the condenser coils are clean can improve the performance of your refrigerator. Clean them twice a year so that dust doesn’t accumulate on them. A simple vacuuming can do it. Besides the cleaning, you should learn to use your refrigerator properly. This means ensuring it is closed fully and full so that it can keep cool inside.

Oven And Stove

Another important appliance in your home is the oven and stove. Microwave ovens are nice, but they don’t cook a wide variety of dishes. This is where an oven and stove are. Many of these come in a single package, the oven below a normal stove area. This allows you to cook what you want when necessary. The important thing about them is that you keep them clean. Do it weekly so that they perform at their best. Fortunately, some ovens have an actual self-cleaning function, so that is one less worry.

Washing Machine

Washing machines make life a lot easier by letting you avoid hand washing. Ensuring that they are working at their best will ensure that your clothes look great with minimal effort. A good move in proper washing machine maintenance is using the right detergents and softeners. For example, high-efficiency washing machines focus on maximizing cleaning with minimal water and energy.

For that to happen, the right detergent is needed. Check the user manual or ask the dealer what detergents work best with the machine. You should also clean the insides every month. Have it run with baking soda and vinegar instead of detergent so that the internals get scoured. You should also ensure the seals and filters are clean and are in good condition.


Similar to a washing machine, your dishwasher makes life simpler. Load the dirty dishes in after every meal. You’ll only have to rinse and dry after. There are several parts of it that you have to look after. The most important one is the filter. This is where a lot of the food particles and grime gather. Clean or replace the filter once a month so that you get the best performance from the washer.

Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning unit is there to ensure that you won’t get uncomfortably hot in the summers. There are some places where the AC is the only thing making a place livable. Keeping it in good condition ensures that you won’t be sweating too much. However, an air conditioner will require a professional to look at it to see if anything is wrong. If possible, schedule AC maintenance checks every few months or so. This allows the technician to check if anything is wrong and do some tuning up.

Vacuum Cleaner<br
Another appliance in your home that will need professional help is your vacuum cleaner. While cleaning the filter and emptying the bag is basic enough, the heart of it will need an expert to look at it. If you are planning a major cleaning, you should take it to a vacuum service center to have it looked at. </br

Professionals will check everything over and replace any worn ducting and bristles. They will also check the motor to see whether it needs any replacing. You can do it yourself if you have the skills, but it is better to leave the pros to handle it.

Many appliances can last you several years. But adding a few more years to that can be very beneficial both to your bank account and your peace of mind. The tips above should help ensure that whatever appliances you have in your home, you will be using them for a long time.

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