We all know that cleaning rugs are vital for our health and investment. However, poor cleaning can result in damage. You have to be concerned about which professional rug cleaners you choose for your flooring. Here are some results of inadequate cleaning you should know about:

  • Bleeding Dye

One of the typical consequences of poor rug washing is dye bleeding. The use of strong chemicals or incorrect rug cleaning might result in colour bleeding during the cleaning process. That’s why it is vital to choose the right professional rug cleaners for your flooring. The bleeding colours spread out evenly, masking the natural look of your carpets. In the worst-case situation, the designs on the rugs fade or become ruined.
Colour bleeding is a common problem of modern floorings, traditional natural colour-dyed carpeting, and red-coloured rugs. As a result, it is best to rely on expert rug cleaners for rug cleaning services.

  • The Use of Harmful Chemicals

Most common rug cleaners include harsh chemicals that can wilt your rugs. If you wash the flooring with a chemical-based cleaning solution, you may see fadedness, wear, and thread thinning. Furthermore, some substances might affect your health. Some of the dangerous substances included in these chemicals include acetonitrile, ethanol, and perchloroethylene.

Absorption of such substances may or may not improve your rugs, but it can potentially harm your health. Nausea, exhaustion, itchy skin, allergy, vomit, and other symptoms are possible. So, rather than jeopardising your carpets and the safety of your family members, make use of professional rug cleaning services.

  • Odour

DIY rug cleaning methods are only efficient in removing surface-level dirt. The residue left behind frequently causes the rugs to have a musty stench. Surface cleaning procedures can refresh your floorings, but they may begin to stink after a few days.

  • Damage to the Flooring

Some cheap rug cleaners may do more harm than good with poor cleaning strategies. They can harm your rug with the wrong tools, techniques and chemicals.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring Professionals

  • Choose a reputed and experienced company.
  • Ask if they inspect and test your rug for colour bleeding and other aspects.
  • Always choose a company that uses safe and green solvents for cleaning.
  • Ask for a certificate and licence of professionals.
  • Read their reviews and check ratings on other sites.
  • Solve all your doubts before hiring them.
  • Ask if they clean the specific rug fibre.
  • You can also ask for their procedures, experience proof and guarantee for results.

So, avoid such poor cleaning methods and hire professionals for deep cleaning treatment. In this way, you will save your rug as well as your health. With professionals, you spend less money on cleaning and replacement.

Professional rug cleaning is the safest way to keep your flooring safe. However, not all companies are the same. So, choose wisely and protect your authentic carpeting from any harm mentioned above.

All the best for keeping your rug in good condition for years to come.

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