Over the years of changing landscape of interior designing that used to be super expensive towards the beginning, elite manufacturers and suppliers like Club Ceramic realized the need of providing economical options that everyone could afford. It marked the arrival of porcelain tiles with a boom. With certain distinctive features that made these tiles as good as natural stones, porcelain and ceramic tiles soon became the first choices for floor and walls renovation and remodeling. 

This guide has been particularly curated to take you through all those factors that contributed in the popularity of these tiles. 

Let’s get started! 

  1. They Last for Long

Porcelain tiles are strong and they can easily last for over a decade, that too, without the need of any special care or maintenance. All that they require is regular mopping to let them stay as clean and bright as they were when new. 

  1. They Offer Variety

Since man-made, porcelain tiles can be made available in any color that you want. And this is the one feature that natural stones do not possess. That is, their variety in color is limited. 

Besides, porcelain can be cut into any shape or size according to the requirement.

  1. They’re Perfect for Wet Rooms

Some of the reasons that porcelain tiles make wonderful bathroom tiles is that they are moisture resistant. Also, there are many unglazed options that are extremely non-slippery. Some other added benefits include the following. 

  • They are frost resistant.
  • They’re quite dense; hence, they do not crack so easily. 
  • They do not catch stains or scratches so easily. 
  1. They can be Made to Mimic Natural Stones and Wood

You might not be able to afford natural stone and real wood for flooring, but porcelain tiles can be designed in the same textures and colors. And, experienced designers like the ones at Club Ceramic are quite efficient in ensuring that the tiles that they design are so good that it’s impossible to distinguish them from natural stones and wood.

  1. They’re Easy to Maintain

Did you know that porcelain tiles have a very high water retention capacity? Which is why, a). they do not absorb stains (as already discussed) and b). they require no special cleansing solution. Hence:

  • They’re extremely cost effective. 
  • They make excellent outdoor tiles. 

So, if you’re looking for options to remodel your house, do consider the multiple porcelain tiles’ options at Club Ceramic for wonderful results. 

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