If you know someone obsessed with music, there are several gifts you can give them that will be sure to get them listening longer and more frequently. These audiophile gifts for the music lover all make great additions to any home or office setup, whether you’re looking to fill out your collection of vinyl records or add something cool to your computer setup. Plus, they’re all easy on the wallet, making them excellent choices even if you don’t have much extra cash to spend. The options are endless, and the impact will last them a lifetime. Here are the best audiophile gifts to choose from this holiday season.

Audio Cables

If you know an audiophile, it’s almost guaranteed that they will need a good set of audio cables. These are an essential component of any great stereo system, and you can make your gift more meaningful by shopping around and picking up some nice ones. The most important thing to remember when shopping for audio cables is to ensure high quality.


One of the audiophile gifts we have to recommend is a pair of high-quality headphones. You’re probably thinking, That’s not a gift, that’s an expense! But not so fast! Many headphones are expensive because they are luxurious and feature solid sound quality, but many other models are great value for money—and cost well under $100. No matter your budget, there is a pair of quality headphones out there waiting to be gifted.

Handy Speakers 

These portable speakers are fantastic because they can travel with you on your commute to work, and you can also set them up at home without taking up too much space. They’re Bluetooth-enabled, so you can wirelessly play music from your phone or computer, but they also come with an aux input if you need a wired connection. No matter how you listen to music, these speakers will get it sounding great!

High-end Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitters

Bluetooth audio transmitters are more expensive than wired solutions, but they’re also much more flexible. A Bluetooth receiver can be connected to pretty much any sound system and will transmit music from almost any smart device. A few models even come with support for Apple’s AirPlay. Be aware that many of these devices don’t have controls of their own; instead, you control them through a paired phone or another device—usually via a companion app.

Upgrade Old Audio Systems

Many older systems do not include a dedicated subwoofer, and those that do tend to underpower them or set their crossover point too high. You can gift them a whole new home audio system for their homes, which will significantly improve their experience with little effort on your part! Several professionals can install the system in just an hour or two. Make sure they know you want everything else plugged into it because stereo receivers now come complete with pre-amp inputs. This can be a great gift to people who love listening to music and watching films in the comfort of their homes.

Vinyl Player 

Vinyl is making a comeback, but many new vinyl aficionados have a tough time with which turntable to buy. For audiophiles on a budget, an all-in-one record player/USB interface device like Jensen JTA-230 Turntable & USB Audio Interface may be your best bet. It offers high-quality sound playback from your records, as well as MP3 or WAV files from your computer.

Their Favorite Artists’ Framed Poster

Choosing a poster of their favorite band or musician is a great way to combine your favorite audiophile’s love of music with your desire to surround them with excellent sound. Fortunately, if you look around online, you’ll find plenty of exceptional musicians’ posters available at every price point. Select one they’ll be proud to display in their home and that will look great as part of your audio system setup.

Wireless Earphones 

If your music-loving friend or family member is always on-the-go, you can’t go wrong with Apple’s latest must-have accessory: AirPods. These wireless earbuds are compatible with all Apple devices. The sleek design fits nicely in any pocket, and they can be hooked around just about anything. They charge by plugging them into their case and last a very long time without needing to be recharged.

USB Headphone Stand

The best gift for any audiophile is an excellent set of headphones, and the best way to show off those headphones is with a stand. There are many elegant stands made from solid aluminum. It allows you to keep your phone and tablet charged while charging your headphones via a USB port. You can conveniently place it anywhere! 


As someone who listens to music constantly, music just makes people happier. If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone who shares our passion, hopefully, we’ve certainly helped you out! If there are any audiophiles in your life, let them know they don’t have to go it alone, since these gifts can help them enjoy their hobby even more. 


Meta title: The 9 Best Gift Ideas for Music Lovers
meta desc: Find the top gifts for every type of music lover, from vinyl and digital to handy speakers and audio systems. Here are some great recommendations.

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