A clogged drain is one way you never want to start your day. It could be a source of some instance dread and not forget worrisome too. Removing them could be challenging, gross especially if you do not have the right plumbing supplies and, this not just wastes time if you have old plumbing, some even find it highly unpleasant. 

The right tool ensures the problem is fixed methodically and there are some pretty cool gadgets out there for plumbing. Some could be expensive while some not so much and many households have plumbing supplies

Here is a quick description of the tools one uses when there is a drainage clog.  

Plumbing Rooters 

This comes with a machine-turned cable and has a special head in the front. This is usually the industrial-strength size of the drain snake and is used for main lines. Therefore, if your municipal and neighborhood water lines are facing hassle, this might be used there. Rooters can spear through thick grime, sludge, and get out the debris from the side. It could even saw through roots.

They are very great when it comes to cutting through the drain blockage. But, they might not be the best choice when you want to take the whole thing out. They are great at rupturing it and make it easier to clean the whole thing.

Drain Snake 

They come with a coiled-wire cable and when there is a clog, the wire is inserted and rotated until the corkscrew twists itself. This helps in collecting whatever kind of drainage block is there and allows the water to flow. Usually, this kind of plumbing supplies is present in every home because they are of much importance in removing a clog from bathrooms and kitchens.  


This is one of the most demanding techniques nowadays which as the name suggests uses water pressure to cut through the obstruction and allow the water flow. The nozzles could differ depending on how the pipe looks and how wide it is. Sometimes, nozzles could create pressure of 2000lbs, per square inch to clear the blockage perfectly. 

These are some of the most common tools that are used when it comes to clearing clogged drains. It is usually advised that one goes for clearing drains once a year or every few years. If you have noticed slow drains and have plumbing supplies, you can do it on your own. And, if not sure, always go for the right professional who would have everything you need.  

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