We may already be halfway through winter, but there is always time to remember these 10 tips from Ninja De-Icer, tricks, and important things you need to know for the next winter storm. The timing of the next nor’easter is unpredictable.

  1. It’s crucial to set the thermostat to a warm setting to avoid pipes freezing; a minimum of 65 degrees is advised. Keep these things in mind when raking snow
  2. Push snow instead than lifting it when shoveling. This relieves tension in your muscles, back, joints, and hips. Click here for more information on suitable digging methods.
  3. When cleaning the windshield of your car, avoid using hot water. The glass may break in hot water. Purchase a de-icing spray and a windshield scraper of superior quality.
  4. Clear snow from your home’s roof to prevent ice dams.
  5. Energy loss is always a possibility. Purchase water, non-perishable food, and flashlights.
  6. DO NOT ALLOW THE SNOW TO PILE! Instead than just once, remove the shovel every two hours. The burden and difficulty of the snow are reduced as a result.
  7. Don’t forget to wash the roof of your car. If not, the snow can slither onto the front window or the car in behind of you.
  8. You never know when your car can become snow-trapped. Keep a winter roadside emergency kit in the trunk that includes a shovel, defroster, phone charger, flashlights, blanket, and snacks.
  9. Add salt, sand, or cat litter to the snow to improve tire traction. Use salt from bulk road salt suppliers near me for example to deice. If you don’t have any of these around, you can place the mats under the tires in the snow.
  10. Lastly, it’s extremely easy, but if you don’t have to go anyplace, stay connected! Settle in and enjoy the snowy day. Take a bubble bath, read a book, or watch your preferred television program.

Snow Removal Service

As we’ve told you a few times, clearing the snow from the front of the house is painful, arduous, and time-consuming. Last year we moved in the middle of winter, but we didn’t want to hire a snow removal service. Instead, we bought a snow plow. The experience proved to be a little tricky. It’s not easy to push the machine when there’s a lot of snow; to make matters worse, we throw the snow at the neighbors because it flies away.

Result: this year, we sold the machine and promised to hire a snow removal service. Almost everyone hires.

At this time, you see almost all the houses with these brightly colored beacons. They restrict the driveway of the house so that the guy who removes the snow knows which houses paid for the service and where the area to be cleaned is (because under the snow, everything is the same: driveway, street, garden, etc.). Removal is done with tractors, which pull the snow from its driveway and throw it into a flowerbed or garden.

They pass very early, around 5 am, and remove the snow from the front of the cars. After people leave for work, they come by again to clear the rest of the snow from the driveway. When you get back to the house, everything is clean. This is extremely useful and saves you precious hours of your life.

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