Building a home comes with many decisions, and many of them are huge decisions that impact the look, functionality, and cost of your home. With so many choices to make, it’s little wonder that many people overlook some of the little details. But these four small decisions can make a huge difference in your home, so make sure that you don’t forget about them.

Laundry Room Functionality

Your laundry room is probably the one room in your home’s design that you’re the least excited about. After all, it’s a laundry room. You need some cupboards and space for your washer and dryer. How much time do you really need to spend thinking about it? Putting some thought into your laundry room’s overall functionality can make it far more usable when you move in.

For example, do you want a laundry room sink to help with scrubbing out stains or pre-rinsing items? Do you want a counter for folding or applying pretreatment? What about a rack for the clothes that need to air dry? These minor changes can make a big difference down the line.

Outdoor Convenience

You’re focusing so much time on designing your home’s interior that the exterior can sometimes be forgotten. For many people, the landscaping will come later. But while designing your home, make sure to think about outdoor conveniences you might want to add. You could put a ceiling fan on the porch or extra outlets for landscape lighting. Maybe you want to install an outdoor speaker system for playing music at gatherings. Be sure to consider all of these add-ons in the home’s design.

TV Connections

When you’re designing your home, you don’t have to settle for setting your TV on top of a mantel or entertainment center and letting the cords run down the wall to the outlets. Instead, you can decide where your TV will be located, then have the builders include outlets in that exact location. This gets rid of those dangling cords and makes your rooms look flawless when everything gets moved in.

Outlets and Switches

This is an easy thing to miss when designing a home, but it’s so important when you’re living in it! Carefully consider where you want your light switches placed for small spaces like pantries and closets. Think about the most logical locations for controlling the lighting in each room.

For your outlets, think about every appliance or electronic you might plug in in each room. Where do you want those plugs to be? Do you want hidden charging stations built into any cabinets? Make sure you have all the connections and outlets you need throughout your home. You may also consider upgrading your switch plates to a higher-end material that will improve your home’s overall appearance and style.

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