You may think that blocked drains are merely inconvenient. However, the truth is that these can be harmful to you and your family as well. This article lists down some of the harmful effects of a blocked drain on the members of your household as well as your home.

Negative Impact on Health

One of the most harmful effects of block drains is their negative impact on your health. This can be attributed to the fact that with a blocked drain in your plumbing system, the wastewater that should be flushed and treated lingers longer in your property, fostering the growth of germs and bacteria. For this reason, the experts in emergency drain unblocking suggest that you address a blocked drain issue immediately. In this way, you will be alleviated from suffering any ailments and diseases due to the germs and bacteria coming from your plumbing system issues.


Another harmful effect of a blocked drain is the inconvenience of foul smell, slow drain, or worse, contaminated water. While a foul odour or a slow drain can be tolerated for a certain period, there will come a time that you will get tired of it. When you don’t have a potable water source, several of your household chores will also be likely affected. This ripples then into various other harmful effects.

Structural Damage

Finally, a blocked drain can also cause structural damage to your property, albeit not immediately. In this case, you may see some mould starting to grow in areas that are often wet because of a leak that is also caused by a block. These can eventually affect the structural integrity of your property. In addition to this, the backflow of water from the drains soaks into the foundations of your property, which can also compromise its structural integrity in the long run. Thus, as soon as you first notice signs of a blocked drain, make sure to call a seasoned plumber who will be able to help you address it accordingly.

The Bottomline

A blocked drain is not only inconvenient and costly but it can also be harmful to the people in your household, as well as your home. Apart from a negative impact on the health of the people living on your property, they will also be prone to inconveniences. Your home can also be susceptible to structural damages. For these reasons, make sure to take care of any blocked drain problems immediately. 

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