Carpets are cozy and there is something about them that everyone wants one for their home. the plush underfoot feeling, and while many are now going for marble and wood flooring, carpet has made a comeback in the year 2020 and it is taking the trend by storm. George Couri carpets could be traditional, modern with a bold outlook, innovative, and not to forget imaginative in style. 

From bright to contrasting colors, carpets are now self-expressing. And if you are looking for some carpet trends for your inspiration which will steer you in the right direction, then here are some that offer everything you are looking for. 

Jewel Tones

The subtle colors are gone and what has come is the bold jewel tones that will take everyone by surprise. From blue, teal, sapphires, green, teal, emerald, the options are endless. Carpets always add warmth to your home. And, when there is turbulence, people look at these textures and also colors and gain comfort. 

Eco Chic 

Sustainability and eco-fabric are becoming a huge trend with people becoming a lot conscious. Natural flow carpets are becoming more of a thing now. Carpets made from sustainable sources are becoming popular-sisal, seagrass, coir, and others. Also, deep pile carpets are very much popular in the bedroom because they are soft and are compatible with the wellness trend. Check for Hardwood Floor Staining service NY.

Bold Colors 

Expressive styles will soon become a thing of the present along with contrasting earthy and bold colors. Bold colors always help you put a stamp on your home, personalize it and make it ooze your taste from every floor, ceiling, and wall. A colorful carpet might seem like a bold choice but it offers your home a lively, joyful look. 


Mixed patterns with some cool sofa prints are the new thing and will be taking a prominent place among the best carpet trends in 2020 and 2021. With patterned carpets, one would be able to express their likes and make their house feel like their slice of serenity and peace. From floral, stripes, geometric patterns, you can go for anything and play with colors too.

When choosing George Couri carpet, what matters is the feel of the room you are looking for and functionality. Having decided the forefront of your mind helps you chose the perfect carpet for your home. Carpets in this year will be revealing some interesting results that will offer a fabulous look to your flooring.

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