A Cotton bedsheet is the best of both worlds. It is a worthy pick for summers as well as winters.

It is not only a comfy choice, but it also incorporates an aesthetic character and depth to the room.

However, with the diverse options available, picking the finest cotton sheet can be a baffling task.

But worry not! We’re about to eliminate this obstacle in just a minute.

We’ve curated a simple and effective guide that will help you buy the best cotton bed sheet for a sound and serene sleep.

Pick A Suitable Cotton Fabric

The three commonly used cotton fabrics are American Upland, Pima and Egyptian.

A label with ‘100% cotton’ written on it is most likely to be American Upland which has medium to long fiber length. However, these are not luxurious ones but are excellent for the price they are sold for. They have a good life span and are ultra-soft, offering maximum comfort.

On the other hand, Pima Cotton has a longer fiber length than American Upland but doesn’t beat Egyptian Cotton.

Egyptian Cotton is the highest in quality with extended fiber length. However, these are extremely big-budget bed sheets that might not be a practical option for everyday use. Being super expensive also makes it difficult to replace in case of any damage or even while giving a makeover to the bedroom.

A 100% cotton bed sheet is ideal for use.

Look Out For The Thread Count

If you’re buying bedsheets online or from a store, don’t overlook the label. Ensure that the thread count is mentioned.

It is said that a high thread count is equivalent to a quality fabric. However, that is not true in all scenarios. A high thread count also means that the thread will be thinner, making it unsuitable.

Hence, an optimal thread count is anywhere between 250 to 750.

An ideal cotton sheet thread count is anywhere between 300 to 400.

Colours And Prints

Cotton sheets have an array of styles available. If you’re picking out for summers, you can go for bright colours and floral or motif prints. These will elevate the summer vibe in the bedroom and are also eye-catching in guest rooms.

However, if it’s winters, you can select abstract and geometric prints like plaids or polka dots.

Related Products:

Portico has an extensive collection of minimal, elegant, and funky cotton sheets. Their bedsheets upgrade the appearance instantly.

Type And Size

Decide on the type of cotton sheet you want before purchasing it. You can choose from fitted sheets or flat sheets.

Fitted bed sheets have elastic on the sides that provide a firm fit, whereas a flat sheet is just a large piece of cloth that needs to be tucked into the bed from all sides. The standard procedure is to lay the flat sheet over the fitted sheet.

After deciding on the type, know your bed size to buy the bed sheet accordingly. That is either a single bed sheet, double bed sheet, queen size or king size. The most commonly bought is the double bedsheet, i.e. 274 cm.

Search For The Right Brand

Your bed sheet is an important bedding accessory that aids your sleep. A poor quality bed sheet means poor quality sleep. Hence, you must choose the right bedding from the right brand.

Don’t just go on picking up sheets from the streets because of their striking low prices. Do your research before locking on a particular bed sheet.

Portico, Bombay Dyeing, Spaces are the top bed sheet brands, especially for cotton sheets.

My pick has always been Portico. Their 100% cotton fabric is extremely comfortable and plushy. My cotton single size sheets and queen size ones from Portico have lasted pretty long without any quality degradation.

Portico is also budget-friendly, which is surprising as they have such high-quality bedding. They also have pillow covers and bed covers. Hop onto their website to find your pick.

If you are looking to buy a bedsheets or Towels Online you can check the below websites.

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