If you go around shopping for countertop materials, you will come across many options, but most interior experts will either recommend granite or quartz. Both are quite comparable as far as durability is concerned. Check with known suppliers in Montreal, such as Granite au Sommet, to find more through samples. In this post, we are reviewing both for your help!

The basics

Before we discuss on whether you should choose granite or quartz, let’s understand both. Granite is a natural stone, which is mined and then cut into slabs, before being polished. Quartz is an engineered countertop material, which means that it is manufactured using 90-95% quartz, with resins and polymers. 


Quartz is engineered or manmade, which means that the finish is very uniform. If you plan to have two or more countertops and want them to look the same, you should consider quartz as there will be no difference with the samples you have seen. Granite, being a natural stone, may not always look the same, even when mined from the same source. For many, that is also a reason to select granite, because the countertops always look unique. 


Compared to granite, quartz can be more expensive, especially if you go for one of the high-end finishes. Note that for both granite and quartz countertops, you will have to consider professional installation. Even engineered quartz is quite heavy, so that will add to the eventual cost of your kitchen remodeling. 


Quartz countertops don’t need any maintenance at all, but that’s not the case with granite. Granite is a natural stone, so it is porous, which means that it can be prone to staining. To prevent the same, you will have to spend on sealing, if not once a year than at least in two years. 


Both quartz and granite are durable, but many agree that quartz may be more durable in comparison. However, note that quartz doesn’t perform very well when exposed to high heat, which is why we usually recommend that quartz is reserved for interior kitchens only. If you are planning an exterior kitchen, granite is a much better choice. 

Final word

For those who want to reduce the environmental impact of their home choices, they should know that mining of granite takes a lot more energy. Quartz, being engineered, may be a better choice. Check with a good supplier for samples and take a call according to your budget. 

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