Everyone would agree that today the number of people that are interested in online education is constantly increasing. If you are looking to study landscape design online, then the professional Landscape Design course offered by Homedesigninstitute.com is exactly for you. Its aim is to provide landscape design students with professional knowledge that will turn them into real landscape designers. How does this course work?

Online Real-Time Learning

The Landscape Design course at HDI is with a duration of 10 months including vacations. Classes are held two times a week during the evening hours. The form of education is entirely online. There are many different forms of online education. But have you heard of online synchronous education? It provides you with the best experience of online education. The online classroom entirely resembles a traditional classroom. Students have classes with live instructors in real-time. This means that students can communicate with each other and participate in discussions. All assignments can be submitted online. Students can also receive feedback for their work from their instructor online. The online synchronous form of study is suitable especially for busy people who are unable to attend traditional in-person classes for one reason or another and HDI has taken care exactly for people with busy schedules. Their classes are held via one of the most popular online platforms – ZOOM. HDI shares a video recording of each lecture and the lecturer’s presentations with their students. The latter can review the study content in detail again upon the course of their studies and education. Obviously, the world has been changing dramatically over the past few years due to internet technology development – so why do not you take advantage of it?

Practically Focused Online Course

The professional Landscape Design is perfect for students without or basic experience in the field. It will teach you all the skills and techniques needed to become a landscape designer. You will be acknowledged with the landscape design principles, landscape styles and materials, plants, landscape lighting, landscape techniques, irrigation systems, maintenance practices, etc. You will have many practical tasks. It will also introduce you to landscape design software. You will have classes in AutoCAD, so that students can learn how to use them when designing their landscape projects. At the end of the course students are required to defend a personal project, using all skills learned during their training. The project is the student’s first professional portfolio. The benefit of this course is that it gives you both theoretical and practical knowledge at such a level that you can successfully use to start your career in landscape design.

Free Online Course Preceding the Professional One

HDI gives you the opportunity to attend a free online course in Landscape Design. It is great for anyone who has a passion for landscape design and wants to learn more about the profession. Students will learn about the main principles of Landscape Design and will even have a practical task during the last study session. The free course is a perfect introduction to the field of Landscape design especially for those who would like to continue their training enrolling in the professional course offered by HDI.

Personal Online Consultation About the Professional Course with an HDI Representative

HDI gives those students that would like to learn more about the professional online course in Landscape Design the opportunity to attend a personal online meeting with a representative of the institute. Everyone can contact HDI via email, phone, or chat and to ask about an online consultation about the program. The HDI team will provide anyone interested in the course with valuable information and will be happy to answer any questions. Do not miss such a chance, if you are seriously interested in joining a professional course in Landscape Design!

Landscape design is an interesting and creative career that can be very rewarding. If you’re interested in landscape design but do not know where to start, then take a professional landscape design course at HDI! The course will teach you everything from the basics needed to master a new profession. Do not waste valuable time and enroll now!

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