Choosing the right coworking space is not an easy task that you may have contemplated. When you will start searching for the right working space around you, you will find several new spaces opening up on a regular basis. This is the reason why people are stuck in the analyses. What are the things professionals are supposed to consider while deciding a working space is unique and fitting for their requirements or not. Professionals opine that environment plays a significant role as it enhances the creativity and output and this will give you professional fulfillment.

The location

Location of co working space Jakarta plays a significant role because it can make a good or a bad impact on your potential clients. If your office is located in a prestigious neighborhood, than it will certainly impress your clients. Having it in close vicinity will rule out the use of vehicle and minimize the travel time.

If you will choose your working space in a central part of town then you will have many conveniences. Along with this, you need to find out whether the availability and the pricing of parking are in accordance with your budget or not.


You may have heard that in many cultures people say when you marry someone you marry the whole family. Similarly, when you join a co-working space you not only visit your office, you join the whole community. It is good to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs as they may help you professionally.

You will develop professional relationship and this will bring more business to you. Moreover, the social aspect is that you will not feel isolated even when you are working independently.

The good part is in the present scenario it is not difficult to find a good co working space Jakarta with a great community. When deciding a community find out whether your skills are fit for this community or not. Do they organize special events to build network with other entrepreneurs?

Work environment

The amount of distractions in your work place will serve as a hindrance in your progress. Suppose you are working at a café than you will get disturbed by the loud giggling and chatter. In case you are working from home, domestic tasks may consume your time.

In the same manner not every co-working space may be distraction free so you need to find the perfect one with accordance to your requirements.

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