After a successful day at work, all you really want to do is take a warm shower and retreat into the cocoon-like comfort of your bedroom, your own private space. A restful sleep on your cosy bed in the refreshing ambience of your bedroom, and you’re charged up to meet the next day with a smile. Your bedroom is also the space where you just want to idle and introspect on various elements of your life without any disturbance. In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to create a cosy bedroom.

Add a wooden touch

Whatever be the size of your bedroom, adding a touch of wood is the ideal way to add a touch of warmth to the ambience. In case you’re not comfortable with real wood but still want that feeling, you can choose wallpapers that have a wooden design on them. You may also add a small wooden table in your bedroom to give you that cosy feel. arkade aura price is an amazing visually inspired luxurious project.

Lighting creates the perfect ambience

Lighting plays an important role in creating the perfect ambience in the bedroom. The secret of creating a relaxing and intimate mood in your bedroom is using the perfect combination of mood lighting through sources which include bedside lamps and evenly spaced-out lights in the false ceiling. Do remember to install a light dimmer which will let you easily control the amount of light you want in the bedroom.

An impressive bed makes all the difference

A bed is the single most important element of a bedroom, which is also from where the space gets its name. Depending upon the size of your bedroom, choose a bed that does eat up a large chunk of your bedroom and allows you to intersperse the space with beautiful knick-knacks that will add an element of exclusivity.  Some interior designers are of the opinion that the bed should be large enough to dominate the bedroom.

Colours have a calming effect

When it comes to your bedroom, you are looking for calm and peace once you enter your private space and shut yourself off from the outside world. We suggest you go in for warm pastel shades for rendering a soothing and relaxed ambience to your bedroom. When the soft light from your ceiling will gently fall on the soft colour of your walls, it will create a truly mesmerising effect.

Upholstery makes a big difference

Avoid hard and overly made bedsheets and pillows, and go for soft and fluffy pillows and blankets for settling into a cosy environment once you’ve switched off the lights and are ready for a good night’s sleep. Choose upholstery with soothing colours and small prints, to perfectly match the soft colour shades on the bedroom walls. arkade aura 3 bhk price offers the most budget-friendly investment options.

Choose the right curtains

Curtains are an important element of your bedroom and gracefully alleviate the overall ambience. We suggest you stay away from strong patterns and dark colours and also go in for two curtains, one in dark shade which you will use at night, and one light shade which you will use when you want to block the sunlight during the daytime without darkening the bedroom.

Plants add a green touch

Adding small potted plants at strategic locations across your bedroom will add a nice green touch and make you feel as if you are relaxing on a tropical island. You can choose plants whose flowers release a soothing fragrance and make your sleep even more relaxing. However, do remember to limit the number of plants in the bedroom as most plants release carbon dioxide in the night, which may affect your health. Health experts are of the opinion that having a few plants in the bedroom is absolutely harmless and adds a green touch to the ambience.

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