We all know just how messy and unruly kids can be, and not just toddlers and teenagers, but kids of all ages! Sometimes, keeping your home free from mess is like a constant, uphill battle, and you may feel as if it’s one you can never win. However, there are a few tips that if followed, can help you keep your home clean and tidy, most of the time:

De clutter – big style!

If you don’t need something, and aren’t likely to need it in the future, get rid of it! Sell it, give it to a friend, colleague or family member, or donate it to a charitable cause. Whether it’s kids’ clothes that they’ve grown out of, toys they no longer play with, or decorative items that simply sit around gathering dust; try to be as ruthless as you can, and you’ll definitely reap the rewards of a home that looks cleaner, even if it isn’t! Not only that, but a clutter-free home is easier to clean.

Stop buying so much

If you’re a sucker for stockpiling sale items, or simply can’t resist buying a new item for the home or your kids, every time you go to the store, it really pays to try and resist doing so, unless you’re prepared to get rid of something else to make space for it.

Only buy new kid’s items for birthdays or holidays

Not only will your children begin not to appreciate new things if they get them all the time, but they’ll also be overwhelmed and leave many of the items sitting around unused for months, if not years, on end. Buying them new things for special occasions such as birthdays or holidays will make them more appreciative and give them a chance to get real enjoyment (or learning) from one thing at a time.

Make your kids tidy up after themselves

In this instance, we’re not really talking about asking them to tidy up as such, but rather to put their toys and games away after each use. Such a simple action can make such a huge difference when it comes to a mess-free home, and if you can get them to make it a habit, your home will instantly look tidier and therefore, cleaner.

A place for everything and everything in its place

It’s one thing to ask your kids to put things away when they’ve finished with them, but it’s quite another if they don’t have a specific place to put them. Simply moving their things from one messy zone to another, will not help you keep on top of tidying, so make sure that all of their items have homes. This can be storage containers or a closet, and having a place for everything in your home, will always make the task of house cleaning easier, and your home look far less messy.

Allot your kids specific play zones

Whether it’s their bedroom, or you’re lucky enough to have a playroom for them, make sure that your kids stick to playing with their toys and games in an allotted zone, which, if necessary, you can simply close the door on and block out the mess!

If your kids are still making your home an unbearable mess after trying to follow the above tips, simply hire a cleaning company to come in and make the place look more presentable, as often as needed.

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