Renovating a kitchen is very exciting for homeowners. You get the leisure to make your kitchen better and beautiful when you know what colors to use and what patterns look trendy. But, most importantly, it is the type of tile that can make or break the end result. 

Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are the two most suitable options for kitchen renovation. Both the tiles are made out of clay and can be cut into brilliant shapes and spectacular designs. 

Find out all the details about how to use tiles in your kitchen so that it looks nothing less than an absolute piece of brilliance. Have a look! 

#1 Use Them as Backsplashes

You can use porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles as backsplashes for your kitchen. There are many 3-D designs in porcelain that take the brilliance of backsplashes to another level. 

These tiles are ideal for backsplashes because of the following reasons. 

  1. Porcelain and ceramic tiles resist water and stains. 
  2. It’s easy to clean the surface. 
  3. The surface is resistant to hot oil splashes since these tiles are heat resistant too. 

You can also get immensely creative with backsplashes. Use hexagonal patterns or line the mosaics with thin stripes of bold colors. You can use glossy variations as well as the matt variations. 

#2 Use Them to Create a Unique Look 

Did you know that Club Ceramic kitchen wall tiles are available in designer patterns as well? 

When you use the designer patterns, your kitchen can be transformed into a rustic marvel, a countryside cottage, and so much more. Some of the most beautiful trends of 2021 that are expected to continue in 2022 as well are as follows.

  • Sisam beige
  • Sefora ash
  • Vivid dream
  • Skylar White matt
  • Elma Bianco
  • Black rock
  • Chary Wenge Wood

#3 Use Them to Create an Illusion of More Space 

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a blessing for a small kitchen. When you use big tiles in neutral colors and subtle shades of white and cream, the entire room looks bigger. 

If the kitchen is bigger and airy, there’s a lot of creativity that can be brought into the house in the form of bold colors.  

Bear in mind, porcelain and ceramic tiles at firms such as Club Ceramics are affordable. Not being able to afford designer variations of actual wood and expensive stone are the problems of a past world. The arrival of designer tiles is the new normal. 

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