The impact of COVID-19 has no borders or preferences. In fact, the behavior of a pandemic is usually highly democratic since it affects all sectors. Even the markets that have experienced growth have suffered the direct and indirect effects of the disease. Of course, the real estate sector is no exception to the rule. After all, it is part of the national and international market. Does that mean that it is not a good idea to sell an apartment in the middle of the corona virus?

First, let us talk about pricing

The health and economic crisis has put a good part of real estate operations on stand-by. However, does this have any effect on property prices? Unlike other sectors, the real estate market works with longer cycles than ordinary ones. It allows you to have the ability to withstand the temporary suspension of activities. It does not necessarily mean that property prices will stay the same or on the rise.

Economists, financial analysts and real estate experts had already noticed a slight decrease in prices registered in the last quarter of 2019. So, is selling a property in times of corona virus without losing money possible? Of course it is. All you need is having a professional Real Estate Broker San Diego by your side.

Whoever is looking for a property, finds it

Even in the midst of a pandemic! This statement is of vital importance today, since real estate agencies, long before the implementation of remote work, used digital tools on a daily basis. Investors and other interested parties can filter their search by areas, lifestyles and price ranges. Bookmark your favorite homes to request more information and examine property features without ever leaving your home.

Set a realistic price

It is important that, after evaluating your property, you set a price that adjusts to the current market. To do this, you can use our online property estimation tool. Thus, you will know the true value of your apartment or house.

Take advantage of the demand

Given the readjustment of market prices and the volatility of the stock market, it is likely that buyers with liquidity and financial solvency will decide to invest in the real estate market. Therefore, the best advice to sell your apartment is to take advantage of the current situation of the corona virus that has caused an increase in the demand for apartments.

Prepare everything for the signature

If you have made the decision to sell your house, start by verifying that you have the papers in order. Choose a real estate agency that works with national and international clients and verify what elements of your property you can enhance to increase its value or attractiveness.

One more tip to sell your apartment in the middle of the corona virus. If you are determined to sell, do not wait too long to act! Although property prices have not yet been affected by the global crisis, their future variation will depend on the real impact of COVID-19 and the duration of the exceptional measures that different governments are taking.

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