Wood pallets, to begin with, are used for the purpose of securely transiting products from one place to the other. And interestingly enough, they are derived from hardwood as well as softwood. However, the choice of wood largely depends upon a bundle of factors as listed below. 

  • What kind of products are to be stored and transported in the pallet?
  • What type of wood is readily available?
  • What is your budget?

Having said that, let’s now take you through the different benefits of hardwood and softwood pallets differently.

Here we begin!

Softwood for Pallets

Spruce and pine are a couple of popular softwoods that are used to manufacture pallets. The most beneficial prospects of using softwood for manufacturing pallets are as follows.

  1. Softwood pallets are economical and affordable. 
  2. Whilst it is true that hardwood is stronger than softwood, but, after the entire process of pallet manufacture – the softwood is dried and heat treated – the softwood becomes almost as strong as hardwood.  
  3. It’s very easy to cut softwood and easier to fix it in different shapes. 
  4. Last, softwood pallets – especially the ones manufactured by companies like Spec Wood that insist upon quality check – are easily made insect repellent and fungus repellent.

Hardwood for Pallets 

One of the concerns of using hardwood pallets is their cost. All kinds of hardwoods – oak, maple, and so on – are expensive. Having said that, hardwood still makes a wonderful option to manufacture pallets because it is extremely sturdy and practically waterproof. That said, one of the stunning ways in which the cost of hardwood pallets can be reduced is given as follows. 

  • Using a thinner layer than what you use for softwood pallets. That’s because a thinner layer of hardwood is as resilient and strong as a thick layer of softwood. And less wood means less money. 

So, now that you know the benefits of hardwood and softwood pallets, it’s important to mention that all manufactures and suppliers do not offer the same quality pre cut pallets. It’s only a limited few manufactures like Spec Wood that should be trusted because of the following reasons. 

  • Their experts visit individual customers to get an idea about their expectations. 
  • Once they learn what the customers need, they visit the mills again and again to educate pallet manufacturers about the needs of customers so that every product manufactured is of high-quality. 
  • They test all pallets for quality and strength before supplying them to the customers. 

All in all, whether it’s a softwood pallet that you need or a hardwood pallet, it’s important that the pallet manufacturer you choose is reputable and trustworthy with a backlog of happy clients. 

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