Nowadays, built-ins are not only meant for storage. They are now visible in different luxurious homes including condos and even big mansions. Interior condo decoration (ตกแต่ง ภายใน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) – built-in is a great idea to look out for. A professional hand and some idea are all you need to go a long way in saving space and utilize every inch, keeping the house clutter-free and organized. 

Built-In Storage 

This is one of the easiest ways by which not only you increase storage space but make your home look airy and open and is the most popular type of storage most are going for. It is spacious and not to forget convenience. With built-in storage in condos, you could have designated space for your kitchen tools, clothes, books, and everything else. From bath built-in to wall built-in, the options are innumerable. 

You can even make it look invisible with built-in storage beneath a staircase if you have one in your condo. There is plenty of space you can utilize with built-ins, hallway backlit bookshelf are good ideas as well. 

Built-In Furniture 

If anybody has ever told you that built-in furniture is plain and boring, they are quite the opposite. The command for attention and is quite a conversation starter when you have guests over. 

You can either built them during construction discarding the need to buy any kind of expensive furniture. They are customized and fit well with all kinds of room. Also, if any space in your condo has an awkward specification, built-ins are just the right options. 

Built-Ins For Offices 

Depending on whether you are buying an average-sized condo or a small one, offices can be built depending on the area tucking it in a corner with enough light or making it look spacious. Also, not having a designated space, a built-in could give you the space for incorporating an office. Though not too much storage is necessary, it gives the space a luxury feel.

For interior condo decoration, built-in desks are convenient though immovable. You can retract them to increase space whenever needed. You get a cleaner look motivating you to start your day in an organized and productive way.  

There are modern built-in closet spaces too. And, not to forget they will fit even if you are a shopaholic and want bigger storage. From contemporary to sophisticated, you can go for any kind of style with built-in shelves, drawers as well as racks. 

Therefore, these are something you could do with built-in and make your entire condo showcase your personality and taste. 

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