Are you looking for a staircase carpet for your stairs but confused about which type to go with? If so, you’ve reached right there. Continue reading this guide to learn about the significance of staircase carpets. We’ll also discuss the key factors to get the right carpet for your stairs. So, let’s get started.

Why Staircase Carpets Are Important?

  • Safety

Hard surface flooring can be dangerous for children, seniors, and pets when getting wet. Whereas stairs covered with staircase carpets reduce the chances of slips and falls.

  • Protection

Staircase carpets don’t only prevent injuries, but they also protect the floor from scratches.

  • Beauty

If you want to transform your living space into an inviting space, a staircase carpet is what you should go for! A good patterned carpet can add a unique beauty to your home that hard flooring wouldn’t.

  • Peace & Quiet

Another good reason to install staircase carpets on the stairs is that they dampen the noise coming from your feet while moving up and down the stairs.

How To Pick The Right Staircase Carpet

In many homes, stairways are in the center of the home. Therefore, you should buy a staircase carpet that fits your interior décor the best. Choosing these carpets for your stairs is not as difficult once you understand what factors to consider.

  1. Assess Your Stair Needs

The first thing to do while choosing a staircase carpet is to assess your stair needs. For example, stairs leading into the house from the entry will receive higher foot traffic as compared to those leading to bedrooms from the main floor. These factors will help you buy a perfect staircase carpet for your stairs.

  1. Consider The Carpet Durability

Stairs in the house are the most frequently used spaces where we used to walk up and down the whole day. This is why it is advisable to always choose a carpet with high durability that will look good for several years. Never set your budget too low otherwise your new staircase carpet may not hold up well against heavier foot traffic.

  1. The Carpet Fiber

What we would suggest is that you have to buy a nylon fiber with superior resiliency. Solution-dyed nylon also gives you superior stain resistance as well as fade resistance.

  1. Carpet Construction

The next thing you should consider is the carpet’s construction. Loop piles and cut piles are the two main types. Today, most of the staircase carpets are made using a combination of the two (loop-cut loop). The denser and tighter the staircase carpet, the better it will give a performance.

  1. Carpet Thickness

Your staircase carpet should not too thick but comfortable underfoot. A thick carpet can cause severe slips and falls. So, always consider a staircase carpet that is 1/2″ or less in thickness.

You can get the right staircase carpet by focusing on the above-listed factors. The best carpet is one that meets your needs for budget, performance, and design.

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