The housing market is ever-changing, but it always seems like the cost of living is rising. In California, costs went up by 14% in just one year! This makes it more crucial to make your current home worth staying in. Even if you do not feel like moving any time soon, there might be a day when you do. In that case, you’ll want to make enough money on it to help you cover the costs of your next house,

By doing a few projects now, you will be able to add much-needed value to your property. Though they seem costly now, some of these ideas can save you money over time. The time has never been better to make a bigger bang for your buck. From ADUs to new pipelines, there are endless possibilities for you to consider.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Having extra space is always useful. Whether it be an area to keep more storage or to add as a living area, adding on to your current home can free up clutter. Instead of simply adding one more room, you could consider a whole dwelling. In California, a fixture known as an ADU has increased in popularity over the last few years. These dwellings can hold much more than just a bedroom. It can feature dining and living areas, too!

Depending on its design, the ADU not only enhances the internal square footage of the primary residence but also provides amenities such as laundry facilities, kitchens, and/or toilets. Furthermore, if converted to a rental unit and properly maintained, it will create continued cash for the owners over time. Other benefits may include the ability to reduce commute costs, provide additional space for aging parents or children returning from college, or provide an extra place to relax and enjoy life in private. All of these assets may attract the curiosity of prospective purchasers, some of whom may have a bigger families.

ADU construction may appear complicated, but there are several resources available to help you. California residents trust Acton ADU. They know the rules and regulations in place to guarantee your project runs well because they work in over 40 locations in the state. They may also assist you in understanding the investment benefits of your new unit and provide financing choices to those who require it.

House Painting

Believe it or not, just a simple coat of paint can change your home’s worth! Think about it. Curb appeal is everything/ No one is going to want to approach a home that looks drab or outdated. By choosing a bolder color or by just updating your current paint, your house will look refreshed and pristine.

You might not realize that paint can actually make your home more energy efficient. This is because the coating can seal up any gaps or cracks that come over time. This will protect you from drafts or extra heat, depending on the time of the year. In turn, you won’t have to crank your heaters or ACs up as high.

While you are at it, update the paint inside your home, too. Along with walls, get your ceilings and cabinets done to create a whole new look. You might find your own mood change along with the project. Even if you hire a professional to do your paintwork, you will be pleased to see your bills lowered over the next few months. As this shows, not every investment you make has to be for future residents!

Tankless Water Heaters

Having hot water is helpful for plenty of reasons, such as cooking or cleaning. To get hot water quickly, most homes have a water heater installed so they can get the resource when they need it. However, standard water heaters come with tanks, meaning that the unit has to heat up the whole supply to meet your needs.

This can waste your water as you stand there waiting for a temperature change. Tankless water heaters cut out the middle man and provide you with hot water in an instant. Along with saving you on water use, a tankless unit can save you space. This space can be precious to your potential buyers.

New Piping

Your pipelines can do a lot for your home. Whether it be water or waste, being able to move these items keeps your plumbing efficient. Though they usually last for decades, your pipes can be worn due to time, weather, and improper maintenance. This can make them the victims of issues like clogs and leaks.

Constantly having to get repairs can put a damper on your home’s worth, so it is critical that you think about getting total replacements instead. Even if this sounds like a huge cost, you won’t be calling a plumber in nearly as often. This also saves the home’s next owners from having to make their own renovations, so you will have more people willing to buy.

Along with pipes, you can also install low-flow appliances to save on your water bills. Low-flow toilets, for example, only use roughly two gallons per flush, while older models can use up to seven. This is a remarkable difference that you will notice in your bottom line within a month’s time.

Getting Help With Your Projects

As mentioned, you can get plenty of outside help to assist you. By doing so, you are ensuring that work is done accurately and without a need for repairs or legal issues. Out of all of the projects above, getting help with an ADU is the most crucial. This is because of the laws that adding extra property comes with.

Look no further than Acton ADU to make the complete job smooth sailing. They will keep you in the know throughout each step of the process, so you will never feel surprised by what is happening. Not only that, but their team is always upfront about what is possible and what limitations you need to keep in mind.

Don’t just think of it as a way to increase your home’s value. Think of it as a place you can love, too! Along with living space, people have used ADUs for home offices, gyms, and even art studios. If you do decide to sell, later on, the space can easily be changed to what the next owners want.

Whether you want to move out of your home or not, it is always helpful to take a look into the future. There’s never been a downside to making your home worth more than its current state. To see how Acton ADU can be a wise investment for you, visit

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