A fire is, without a doubt, a devastating experience for those who have witnessed it up close. In addition to material damage, psychological trauma is intense and can lead to negative memories for the rest of your life. In this situation, it is essential to know what actions should be taken to prevent further damage.

  1. Know How Safe It Is To Enter The Site

First of all, it is feasible for the responsible professionals to ensure that the fire has been extinguished, to recognize the established areas as safety zones, and to identify the severity of the fire;

Never enter the property after a fire without the certification of these requirements because if the property has been badly damaged, you may not be allowed to enter.

  1. Who Should I Call After The Fire?

It is essential to contact the family, mentioning their conditions and that of the other residents. Inform them about what happened and other necessary information;

Activate the insurance immediately, as it will not automatically know about the event and contact you. This will ensure payment of your emergency accommodation and food expenses, as well as providing some cleaning options for your property;

The insurance company is not the only one that will be able to assist you. There are several private institutions and NGOs. The Red Cross, for example, offers welcoming services to those who have lost their homes.

  1. Importance Of The Fire Report

For firefighters to assist in collecting more information, a fire report is needed to guarantee important information such as the house’s structure, the time of the incident, the areas involved, the date, etc.

  1. Keep Property Safe

Closes the gates of the property where the incident occurred to prevent looting or depredation. Those responsible for emergency services will assist you with the measures to be taken.

  1. Cleaning The Property

It is important to consider cleaning if, in this case, the property has only been damaged rather than practically destroyed. An analysis will be needed to see if you can handle the cleaning yourself or need professional help, but it is ideal to invite a fire damage restoration company to help you.

  • Take into account when cleaning:
  • Soot, ash, carbonization, smoke, odors, etc
  • Debris or damage to an individual room
  • Extensive damage throughout the property
  1. Smoke And Soot After A Fire

If you decide to clean the property, it is essential to know that the damage caused by soot and smoke can often be significant, creating a film of dirt on the walls.

Soot: “TSP” or sodium tri-phosphate is an excellent option for dealing with soot. Mix it with water according to the instructions and use a sponge to clean the walls. Let it dry.

Extinguisher residue: Use a water pressurizing machine to remove the residue and any other dry soot;

Furniture (carpets, rugs, curtains, etc.): professionals can clean them if they are still in use;

Opening doors and windows: Allow gusts of fresh air to circulate through the windows. Children, if necessary, should be taken to another place, as they should not be under dirty areas or that are in the process of cleaning. There is the possibility of ingesting chemical particles or other toxic substances that can be harmful to the child’s lungs.

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