Different Types Of Door Locks And How To Choose The Right One?

what is the best door lock?

Security is the primary concern for all individuals. It is imperative to protect oneself from potential dangers. To ensure safety within one’s premises, it is crucial to have top-notch door locks. In today’s world, door locks play a vital role in safeguarding oneself, one’s loved ones, and one’s possessions. Hence, it is of utmost importance to possess door locks to lead a secure and protected life within the confines of our homes. Depending on the specific requirements of different environments, various types of high-level security locks are necessary. Attaining a peaceful existence becomes unattainable without a door lock. Given the fact that many individuals construct new residences, the market offers contemporary door locks that provide optimal security and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, automatic door locks have also become readily available in recent times. But, what is the best door lock? Here are a few which are more than simple locks that provide ultimate protection.

Types of door locks

  1. Main door lock

In the primary entrance, the most reliable and protected locks are utilized. Typically, 3-bolt and 6-bolt are regarded as the optimal protection for the main doors. For a dual-sided door lock, you can select deadbolt locks of interlocking type. Burglars encounter challenges when attempting to breach this type of door lock due to its numerous components.

  1. Cylindrical lock without key

It is a stylish and efficient latch for linking doors. When pressed, the knob will prohibit anyone from accessing, granting you seclusion. You can use the key from outside to unlock the latch. This latch is available in multiple attractive coatings to complement your indoor styling. Often it is made of stainless steel. It possesses a key-operated latch mechanism. It functions optimally for the main doors. It is ideal for single-panel doors that measure up to 58mm in thickness. These door latches are resistant to water. This conventional door latch operates akin to a handle and employs a peg to secure the door.

  1. Mortise Door lock

Mortise locking system is utilized in doors with seamless push-pull movement. Maximum safety is ensured, where the handle offers outstanding grasp. Mortise system is a double-operated door lock. Despite the fact these locks are purportedly more robust than cylindrical locks, their incisions may jeopardize construction of the door. These locks offer greater force than cylindrical locks, have a longer lifespan, and enable greater compatibility with current security systems due to their versatility.

  1. Padlock

It is one of the most well-liked locking devices for garages, storefronts, warehouses and two side grill door. A reliable shutter padlock is usually sturdier than the simple shutter locks. To store valuables, it is the top-notch lock.

  1. Round locks

The circular handle locks are also popular. Nowadays, one can find them in almost every household and residential complex. They have a solitary or dual cylinder locking system that secures doors. These types of locks for apartment front doors are convenient and fairly easy to operate, though. Round locks are affordable and easily available.

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