Many men want a space that they can call their own. This is exactly what a man cave is; a place for men to gather and hang out. More men are creating a garage man cave so they have their own separate space to enjoy men without disturbing their wife or kids. If you are considering converting your garage into a man cave, you may be wondering what exactly you can do in the space. Here are a few of the most common ideas. 

Watch Sports

One of the most common things that occurs in man caves is watching sports. Whether you’re into football, boxing or baseball, you can put in a huge television and watch your favorite game. You can yell at the TV. to your heart’s content without having to worry about waking up a sleeping child or annoying your wife. You can also have your boys over so you can all watch the game together. 

Host Poker Night

Another fun way to use your man cave is to host poker night. If you love playing cards, you may want a place to play away from your family. Using your man cave allows you and your guys to really get into the game in the privacy of the secluded area. You won’t have to worry about smoking a cigarette or cigar or using curse words. 

Set Up a Bar

A man cave doesn’t always have to be for men only. Many men include a bar area in their garage man caves. This bar area may be a cigar bar or a bar that has alcohol. You can invite your wife down to your bar when your kids go to bed and make it feel like you are on a private date or you can turn it into an adults-only lounge when you host holiday events at your home. 

Put In Fun Games

The final common way to utilize space in a man cave is to put in fun games. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to games, but your man cave should accommodate at least a few of your favorites, including darts, a pool table, or even your favorite arcade game. Having a space to play your favorite game can help you decompress after a stressful day and allow you to enjoy your free time. 

Ultimately, you can do whatever you with to do in your garage man cave. However, most men enjoy watching sports, hosting poker nights, setting up alcohol or cigar bars and/or putting in fun games to really make their space feel cozy and masculine. Consult with a professional who has experience converting garages to usable man caves today to start creating your own man space.

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