It is very important to clean your ceiling fans buy online. When you purchase something, you must maintain it. Without maintenance, your fan will fall apart, and you’re going to have to invest in a new fan. This will cost you your money. 

Ceiling fans are a necessity in humid weather like India. Not everyone has the means to purchase an AC. Ceiling fans are budget-friendly, and many people in the country have the means to access them.

Owing to the expense of air conditioners, people prefer high-speed ceiling fans. Fanscity offers the best pricing for ceiling fans if you’re looking for a name of a company. They maintain affordable prices, which allows you to save your money. 

Maintaining ceiling fans ensures that they serve you for a longer period and improves their appearance.

We have a few tips for you to clean your ceiling fans at home. 

Cleaning tips for ceiling fans buy online 

1. Vacuum cleaner 

Our first tip to you is to use a vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner comes with a flat dusting attachment, it will help you clean the fan better.

Climb a stool or ladder to ensure you can reach the blades and clean them. Slowly start vacuuming the blades in a unilateral direction. In case there are remnant dust particles, use a wet cloth to get rid of them. 

2. Regular cleaners

For those you fond of regular cleaning, consider using a duster with a long handle, making it easier for you to reach your fan. 

Regular cleaning helps keep at dust and dirt and bay. Cover the floor underneath the fans with a cloth to gather the dust that will fall from cleaning.

Always wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth while dusting. This is a must-do for those of you who have a dust allergy. 

First, begin by dusting the downrod and motor and then move on to the blades. Use a back and forth motion while cleaning the blades. Use this same method to clear dust from the bottom part of the blades. 

3. Pillow covers 

Another fun way to clean your fans is to use pillow covers. This is the easiest cleaning technique that you could ever pull off. Slip your old spare pillowcases on one of your fan blades, and then you have to slip it out. Along with that move, all of the dirt and dust come off on the pillowcase. 

Final thoughts 

These were some tips for you to clear the dust off of your ceiling fans buy online. We hope that you found these tips and tricks helpful to clean your ceiling fan at home. Getting a professional to do it for you might cost you money, and therefore, we brought you a list of cleaning techniques that you could do by yourself.

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