Every home’s front yard is usually the first thing people see, so if after some time of walking in and out of your home and judging that it looks boring, then chances are, it really is. It may even look lifeless from others’ point of view too. If you’ve come to realize this, then maybe it’s time to spruce up your lawn and give the curb of your home some character.

Your front yard is the face of your home, so you might want to make beautification a goal. Perhaps you want to increase your home’s value or just simply make your neighbors and visitors jealous. The easiest way to do that is to bring aesthetic life to your front yard, which you can do without having to break the bank.

It’s time for professional stump grinding, fixing the fences, customizing the pathway, taking care of the greenery, and many other front yard to-dos. Here are some ideas to kickstart your front yard makeover goal:

Take care of the grass

Begin with tending the growing grasses in your lawn. Any landscaping idea wouldn’t be so amazing without those grasses, but they will first need nice trimming. You can use a yard edger after mowing the lawn to spruce up the edges as well and make way for the curbs and footpaths that will be the next project.

The ideal ones should look healthy and vibrant. By this time, maybe you’re just thinking about landscaping, but maintenance is what will keep your grasses look fuller and healthier. You may consider reseeding, aerating, or composting to improve your grasses’ appearance which you can do at least once a year.

Pave way for the pathway

Having had spruced up your lawn grasses, you wouldn’t want anyone to just step on it like nothing. This is when you will need to build a walkway, which shouldn’t be so complicated and costly. You can choose a simple stone, pebbles, tile, sand, cement, or brick pathway that complements the style and character of your home. Another easy way is to pour gravel on the path and put stones on the edges, especially if you don’t want a walkway as hard as concrete.

You may even want to add lighting too, which you can stick on the edges of the pathway or on plant bed borders. If you want to go further with the upgrade, get some features that will stand out, such as lanterns all along the edges of the walkway. And if one pathway still doesn’t seem appealing to you, then make it two. This is a brilliant way to keep your guests just on the path and not wander far off too much toward your other landscapes and plants.

Nail it with neat fences

Before going through the plants and any other landscape matters, tend to your fences. Fences can make a huge difference to your front yard, giving your home a complete look. What you can do now is make the fences look better. Refinish it, especially if there are irregularities, such as one side being painted while the other isn’t. Your fences will immediately look more beautiful when you match their color to your home.

Decorative additions will do a great job too. There are plenty of decorative hardware inserts that come in different styles and sizes, so you will always find one that suits your preference and matches the character of your home. If you don’t want to have to buy decorations, then you can always opt for hanging plants to hide the ugly parts of your fence. This will greatly improve the appearance of your fences from top to bottom.

If you don’t want a physical fence but still want some privacy, you can opt for shrubberies with thickness and tallness depending on how much privacy you want. Some people choose to plant arborvitae, bamboo, boxwood, holly, north privet, or red twig dogwood to give their home a natural-looking fence that still assures the kind of privacy they aim to have.

Tend to your plants

The list of amazing bushes, flowers, and trees to include in your front yard goes endless. One of the easiest to grow flowers in the US would be rose bushes. They grow and smell really great. Near the fence (or even make it a substitute for the fence), grow hydrangea bushes. They always look beautiful and elegant.

If you have some trees in your front yard, you may consider building flower beds around them. This will instantly give them a character. To make the whole look more amazing, add flower bed borders to any part you think would look great with them.

A comfortable, welcoming home with an amazing front yard may sound too good to be true, especially when there’s yet so much to do. Just be reminded no front yard is beyond transformation. Just do it now and you’ll see the effect of your hard work soon.

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