If you and your family love nature—just basking in it and knowing that you are breathing nothing but clean air—a mountainside home in the suburbs might be for you. Nothing says domesticity and family life more than a tranquil existence in a state with stunning views and a gorgeous house to maximize that landscape.   If you are thinking of moving to an area with mountain views, here are some design tips and ideas to inspire you:

Let the landscape speak for itself

What is the point of living in a town with breathtaking views of the mountains if you’re not going to maximize them? When speaking with your architect and interior designer, make sure to emphasize your desire for windows—and lots of them. Make sure to ask your designers to orient the windows in ways that won’t make the occupants too uncomfortable with the glare of the sun, and that is compliant with the area’s zoning regulations.

Once you start decorating the home, make sure to opt for window treatments that won’t block the views. Opt for sheer curtains to let natural light in, and incorporate privacy drapes that can be slid off to the side during the day.

Maximize the area’s terrain

Leveraging and maximizing the area’s terrain might look like the following:

  • If the area is a snow mountain, opt for a house design that looks more like a modern take on a ski cabin.
  • Properties located in warmer areas like the Santa Cruz Mountains in California will benefit from designs that look straight out of the Mediterranean.
  • If you’re choosing to settle in a mountainside town that has plenty of crystal clear lakes, a fusion between modern and traditional might be your best bet.

The point is that whichever mountainside town in the United States you choose to live in, whether it’s in Aspen, Colorado, or somewhere in Utah, you have already won half the battle by finding a property in an area that boasts of natural views, and the design of your home just needs to make the most of it.

Opt for natural materials

Natural materials like organic wood look best in the suburbs because nature tells us green and brown are complementary and look the best together. Just imagine a mountainside house filled with rich-toned accents, natural wood, and marbled stone feature walls, with bespoke furniture and cozy bathroom design.

You can theoretically opt for more designs that are out of the left-field, like a pastel-colored home or something more traditionally feminine like a Rococo style (and talented architects could theoretically make it work), but home by the mountains will always look better if it leans hard into more natural elements and tones.

This general rule does not just apply to the home’s natural architecture, but also to the furniture, items, and other design elements you choose for the home. Opt for exposed beams made of natural wood, hardwood floors, and home accessories that are made of wood materials of different tones and textures, and you will have the perfect building blocks for creating the coziest mountain home.

Soften the look

If the home is to be a place where you and your family can relax and find solace in a pandemic-stricken world, then you want the interiors to feel like a haven. This atmosphere can be achieved by adding softer touches like warm whites, creamy white pastels, layers, and fluffy textures. Here are some tips for incorporating a touch of softness into the space:

  • Opt for furniture pieces with curves, like upholstered benches, soft and fluffy sectional couches, and chairs with curved backs.
  • Make sure that everything else is round as well—from the mirrors to the vases.
  • Add shape and dimension to your rooms by using long light fixtures. Layer your lighting by strategically adding table lamps and floor lamps.
  • Use layered textiles like knitwear and woven storage to add interest to the rooms. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, patterns, and textiles. You might be surprised by how well vintage textiles can go with more modern accents like steel.

Make the fireplace the focal point

Since mountain homes tend to be on the cooler side, make sure to add warmth to your home by adding fireplaces and making them the focal point of every room.

Raising a family by the mountains is a worthwhile dream. And even if you’re single and not thinking of settling down anytime soon, there are so many benefits to living in the outskirts of busy cities. Let yourself dream and you might just be the owner of your dream mountainside home.

Meta title:Beginner’s Guide to Designing a Mountainside Home
meta desc: A home with mountain views is the dream for many people. Read on to learn some essential tips and pointers for designing and building a mountainside home.

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