In Singapore, condos are offering some of the most unique and never seem before facilities to their residents. In this fastest developing country, infrastructure plays a crucial role in moving the economy. More and more developers are coming up with new and innovative ideas to compete in the market. Competition is obvious, as no one wants its property to get depreciated with time. 

One of the most appealing things about a condominium is that it comes with condo installations that can be exclusively used by its residents. They may include a BBQ area, function halls, swimming pool, and a gymnasium. In recent years, developers have come with a vast area of ideas to attract property buyers and to modify their developments from other competing ones.

Notably, this also includes the condo facilities, which makes it unique from the rest. So there are few condo facilities, that are rare and you probably didn’t know about their presence in condos- 

Outdoor gourmet kitchen 

This type of kitchen allows the residents to cook alongside each other, which will foster a sense of unity among them. Residents can even host gatherings and parties in this exclusive setting. 

Amber Sea @ Amber Gardens is such a condo, having these sorts of kitchens. And the residents can meet freely and celebrate special occasions altogether. 

Kid’s pool 

All those parents who are forced by their kids, to get them to the swimming pool, it is the best facility that could be present in their condo. 

You no longer have to travel much and reach some kid’s swimming pool and pay for the day or hours. As you are getting this facility in your condo, you have complete freedom to use these pools without even asking for the availability and the cost. 

Function room 

Besides having any kitchen, open space to celebrate and have fun all together is so peaceful. When you live in a condo with a function room inbuilt, you no longer worry about renting some outer space to have a get-together. 

Bicycle parking 

It seems to be the most attractive and effective facility, which could be made available in a condo. Are we working towards preserving our environment? By not burning fuels and making noises out of our cars even for traveling short distances. The idea of moving from the bicycle is good for the environment as well as our health.

Hence, it’s a great contribution of the builder of Amber Sea condo, to leave bicycle parking space in their development. Now you are not left with more excuses to come out on a bicycle!

A large gym, swimming pool, BBQ area, lawn, lap pool, and baby other facilities are inbuilt in this condo. It consists of all of those unique circumstances that can make your life more peaceful and happy. 

It provides a tranquil corner and relief from hassle full life. It has been designed by an extremely talented team of architects which goes to show just how beautiful is this place in reality. The area sustains have a rich cultural lineage, which just makes the entire thing even better.


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