One of the most commonly used places in the house is the kitchen. It is used multiple times a day to prepare meals for the family. Hence, you should not only focus on maintaining its hygiene but also its design. If you can ensure that both these elements are maintained properly, the kitchen will become a more convenient place to work. 

Many households keep adding more appliances to the kitchen and its design starts appearing crowded due to insufficient storage space. While designing the kitchen, you have to keep in mind that the cabinet tops do not get very crowded and messy. Instead, you can use the kitchen cabinet tops to display various decor items for enhancing the appeal of the kitchen cabinet design

Designing the kitchen cabinets can be difficult. You can either use the cabinet tops for more storage options or use them for displaying. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinet design: 

01 of 07 Measure the kitchen cabinet tops

The first thing that you need to do before getting started with the designing process is to measure the kitchen cabinet tops. Measuring the cabinet tops will give you a clear idea of how much space is available for displaying your decor items. As a result, you will not end up buying decor items that are either too large or too small for the cabinet tops. 

02 of 07 Do not over-crowd it

To ensure that the kitchen design appears neat and clean, you should always avoid over-crowding the cabinet tops. People often use it as a storage space to keep the not-so-frequently used appliances and items. It will allow dust and dirt to settle on the kitchen cabinet tops. As a result, the kitchen hygiene will be compromised. Hence, it is never a good idea to over-crowd the space above the cabinets. 

03 of 07 Leave some space between two decor items

Just like you should not over-crowd the cabinet tops with kitchen appliances, you should avoid overcrowding the cabinet tops with decor items as well. Instead of crowding it, try to keep them scattered to give a little creative and artistic look. Also, make sure that the decor items you selected are complementing each other.  

04 of 07 Choose a complete collection

You can give your home interior design a touch of your style and taste. Try using the cabinet tops to display any collection that you own. It can be anything from beautiful sculptures, cutlery, plates, jars, glass collection, etc. As a result, you can use your favourite things to enliven the appeal of your kitchen design. 

05 of 07 Use the same theme throughout the home

While designing your home, it is often better to stick to the same theme for every room. Hence, you have to buy decor items for the kitchen cabinet tops that reflect the theme used throughout the house. For instance, you should not buy traditional decor items for the kitchen cabinet top if the entire house follows a contemporary design.

06 of 07 Put some thought into choosing the colours 

If you do not have any collection of your own to display on the cabinet tops or the home interior design does not follow a particular theme, you should focus more on choosing the colours for the kitchen cabinet tops. For starters, you can choose different tones to experiment with. Use one as a primary colour and another as a secondary colour for the kitchen cabinet top or choose a vibrant and pop colour to make it appear more interesting. Make sure that the colours complement the kitchen cabinet design. 

07 of 07 Leave it empty. 

If you cannot come up with something to accentuate your cabinet top design, you will still have one last option. Leave it completely empty. In many home designs, you will find kitchen cabinet tops that do not display any decor item. Surprisingly, they appear very appealing and sophisticated. 


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